Back to the country of the Rising sun and loads of VW fun!

A cold, tremendous jet lag from being all over the world in no time, fever, tons of work, delay’s, it couldn’t stop us to take that invivitation from Mr Komori and his Flat4 squad to come to the 2nd Klassisches VW Treffen in Japan, last weekend, wowh! did we had a ball!

Beer always taste better @  Moon Cafe in Yokohama, Thanks to Mr. Shige san for his incredible understanding, hospitality and total care at our arrival day…

and off it went, Saturday morning 8.00am (thats early with jetlag believe me!) we left with a group of VW’s that only seemed to grow the further we went, VW cruizin’ japanese style, Harmony everywhere….

Welcome to Japan, outside Tokyo, but also here Japanese signs and power leads, everywhere!

“Get a car from that truck”… the Japanese way….

Dramatic skies give always cool pictures, even better in Japan, when most of You woke up, our first day came to an end…. 9 hours a head of time from home…its Saturday night…. a Heb on the terras from the partyhall,

Cool cars, extreme cool cars, and even more extreme cool cars, the level of entrants was high, Japanese are really “into” things! Believe me!

Nice cars on visitors parking too!

Mr Komori with his right hand Nao and his entire staff, these are the guys that made this happen, congratulations guys, You did a hell of a job! perfection counts in Japan, your organisation stands for proof of that!

Yep, menu’s in restaurants are written in Japanese too! oh, these are only the desserts!…. I couldn’t pronounce it at all, but it tasted like heaven, Thanks Nao San, You picked the right one!

with this picture Linda and me like to thank Mr and Mrs Komori and Nao expressively  for the use of this really extra ordinary car,  a Rometsch Lawrence, even for me, the very first time I ever drove one! We had great fun, the car was super sorted out and drove exactly like it looked… stunning!

picture credit to our all time friend Daisuke from Street VW’s magazine

Well we better wave goodbye (we gave the car back no problem…:)) and till next edition for sure, we don’t want to miss at all! Hopefully we see some more foreigners then “only” four… by coincidence all from Belgium… like this year. Japan is only as far flying as California from home, and VW diversity is really as inspiring as there culture… more then worth a visit!

Picture credit to mr Shige from Moon fame, hey Nao, is that not a yellow Camaro in the reflection on the car?????


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  1. Holy smokes what a stunning collection of cars! I bet that Kombi with the black roll bar up front is from Australia. Wow. A real Hebmuller too…..amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. as far as my japanese goes, the kombi with the Hurst bumpers came as a very nice restored kombi to Japan out of South America? they lowered, “hursted” and patina’d quiet proffesionally! yes, japan has a lot of extreme cool cars!

  3. Interesting because that black bumper is a very common one put on older Kombi’s in Australia. The Japanese have bought many splits from Australia and taken them from us 🙁 We’re losing the cool stuff!

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