Used parts dig up.

While we were moving our warehouse we’ve been doing more than only pick up and drop parts from one to the other shelf. We’ve also made inventory on our used parts range and now we will be able to offer you some sought after rear suspension parts for Type 1 1302/1303 Beetle and Type 25/3 Transporter Bus.

# 1454-200 Trailing arm left ‘IRS’ (used)

# 1454-201 Trailing arm right ‘IRS’ (used)


# 1475-000 Trailing arm left T25 79-92 (used)

# 1475-001 Trailing arm right T25 79-92 (used)

# 1475-050 Wheelbearing housing / rearĀ  T25 79-92 (used)

We do have lots of used parts available so please do not hesitate to contact us in case any other used part, to get your project finished, is on your track list .

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