BBT parts in Southern California and all over the USA!

A new representative in the centre of the US classic Volkswagen hot spot!

With a little pride we announce the co-operation of a new BBT parts distributor in the USA, right in the middle of where the epic centre of volkswagen collector hobby seems to be, Orange county South California.

Yes indeed, right in the middle where VW fans wrote history with the birth of the Cal Look scene, Eddy and Dave’s Garage committed to being the new BBT representative for the USA. BBT parts were never ever more easily available in the US like right now! Please feel free to drop these guys a line, or even better, visit there website… they ‘re there to help you!

Little shop with better then the best great service. Running by two more than like passionate people, the word is out, BBT fans all over the place, you know now where to go to!

Serious locals committed already longer to this outlet, “Construction Dave” buy a lot of parts from them, his cars are just bitchin’ Thanks for the ride Dave, your 1960 convertible is way more then cool! The 2.3 litre engine soups it up man, absolutely the way to go! Exactly why we all love California!


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