1963 Crewcab, perfect hardly untouched project!

This crewcab can fulfill your wildest dreams! Straight as an arrow and with extreme straight loading floors it’s a one of a kind. It needs rockers in and out, cab floors and part of its cargo floor around back seat area replacements, but the good thing, nobody ever messed up here!

The looks are just perfect when it sits and looks at you! It’s a driving car, could use a little service before seriously taking to the public road, but nothing major bad… can be test driven “as is”…

Do just the welding and drive her just “as is”, or a complete resto and make her YOUR show winner, the choice is completely yours! But when you’re in the market for a crew cab, better than this will be extremely hard to find, these babies  are hot like chicken wings as everybody likes the stunning looks of crew cabs these days, once the most hard working class, now the queens and princesses of the Volkswagen vintage utility crowds…

1963 Crewcab, perfect hardly untouched project! Check out more details and pics here!


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