Weird auction?

This is what a $217,800 1963 Volkswagen Bus looks like!

We knew Volkswagens had great residuals, but didn’t realise just how good they were until this 1963 Volkswagen Bus went up for auction at Barrat-Jackson in the US. The immaculate 23-window Bus was sold for $198,000 at the company’s annual Orange County auction ($217,800 after buyer’s fees).

You read it right, a few VW buyers got caught up in the “Barrett-Jackson experience” while they were bidding on this immaculate 23-window Bus at the company’s annual Orange County auction last night (writes Tom Joslin at When the smoke cleared a high bid of $198,000 had purchased the 1963 Volkswagen you see here ($217,800 after buyer’s fees).

We know what you are wondering at this point and no, this VW was not a charity vehicle. This leaves us with the only other explanation we can think of to explain this kind of a price—two bidders with deep pockets decided they absolutely had to have this immaculately restored old Bus.

23 window Volkswagen Bus values have been on the rise for some time, especially at Barrett-Jackson. Having said that, we are still baffled by a 200k+ price tag attached to any VW Bus, no matter how cool they are. What is that saying about money and brains?

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Thanks to Pete Frost to share this information.

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