Empi Dragster display!

It would be a shame to stow away the Flat 4, Empi dragster, in our warehouse so we found it more convenient to put some thing asside and roll it into our shop as display.

For safety reasons we tapped off the fuel tank to prevent Hans, our shop guy, getting foolish ideas… 😉

So, in case you missed your appointment with this unique car @ EBI, you can still come and have a peek @ our shop!!!


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  1. I was part of the Modern Specialist dragraceing teem that went to England in 1964 it is so nice to see the dragster in such shape after all the years the drageter had a porsche engine at that time. Doug Church the owner and driver passed away about a year ago.Thanks for keeping looking so GREAT. Phillip Tenwick

  2. I am Doug Church’s nephew. When he was still alive, I had an opportunity to see his photo albums and news clips from his racing days. I recall him telling me that his car was being restored, but until now, i really didn’t know if it had been done. Unfortunately the shop where he kept all of his racing memorabilia burned to the ground shortly before his death so all of this history is gone . It is really nice to see something from his past restored to the condition it was when he was actively racing it. Great Job!!

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