30 HP(36SAE) & OKRASA! camshaft news!!!

BBT teamed up with a world renown OE camshaft manufacturer to bring you this state of the art 30 DIN hp (36 SAE) and OKRASA! or Porsche PreA camshafts.

After two years of developing and testing we’re ready to bring these cams now to the market under our name of the “ BBT commitment to quality” brand what stands for quality parts we’re behind and use and drive on our own cars.

These high quality casted cams are designed to fit VW engines up to 1959 and Pre A Porsche’s either way. So we have a solution for all of your early cam problems.

We have these cams and the hardware in stock for  immediate delivery.

# 1629-90 Camshaft 25-30hp(36SAE)
# 1629-91 Camshaft 25-30hp(36SAE) Okrasa and Pre A Porsche.
# 1623-900 BBT cam gear bolts (3)
# 1624-900 BBT Cam gear 25-36hp Stock, Okrasa and Pre A Porsche

More information can be obtained @ info@bbt4vw.com.

BBT advise use of oil with containing a minimum of 1000ZDDP or to use a zinc booster in more modern oils.


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  1. Hey tobias

    I’m not sure I bought our “mother” cam from a Pre A guy as a Pre a cam, he never told me what engine it was in, but I assume it was a 1300S….

    always at your service

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