Bob’s 1944 Kubel in the works!

With Bad Camberg around the corner we better hurry up and finish our 1944 Kubelwagen… being in a museum for many years, and in scruffy collector hands since, well we prepared some serious works, all in all its not that bad, somebody made a serious job of make it driveable in the past… we will bring it back to the road during our convoy… maybe we should take place on the “Petermax Müller Gedächnissrennen”?

Front axle needed thorough cleaning and removal of old grease, what was still in it was almost hard as a rock, hey, we like gentle suspension!

Kubel from space? Maybe in 50 years from now we drive all without wheels. Shouldn’t harm, don’t You think? I like it anyway…

The engine we’ll put in will be a secret for now, a secret only to be unvealed at BBT’s openhouse party, June 23 in the afternoon! Come and see with your own eyes, on the pre reserved parking for the “Petermax Müller Gedächnissrennen” at BBT HQ!

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