Arrival notice!

This week, between all others, we had a container in from VW do Brasil. For those of you unaware, BBT is a direct exporter from VW do Brasil with a private and proper license.

This shipment did bring us many backorders back on the shelves, some highlights include for sure the new magnesium engine cases  and the BBT OE VW 8:31 ring and pinions. BBT ref 1493-050. Having a smart purchaser on the right time in the right place we bought VW’s entire stock, so we have plenty, on a good price too! Long tranny’s is now a problem of the past! Tell your buddy’s you know where to get them!

Sometimes the small things in life brings me so much joy! After a way too long BO time also our VW original fuelpump bases are back in stock now, so small, so nice, so cute, hmmmm I love those! BBT ref 1690 for your Type 1 engine, best quality money can buy, we tried them all!

Of course many more back orders been filled in last week, what makes us deeply proud! Our infill rate goes strongly up again in last weeks, even orders going out at a pretty fast pace!

Ask your local aircooled Volkswagen parts shop for parts selected or produced by BBT, when the parts we sell are good enough to mount on our own cars, they will be for sure ok for your car too! don’t you think?

Professionals, not a BBT dealer yet? Take your profit and email right away to for all info on prices and qty’s.

BBT do live and breath VW, let’s that be clear!

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