1956 Oval ragtop super cruizer’ is ready!

The1956 ragtop is completely finished now, all electrical problems have been solved, all the mechanics had a serious tune up, we drove it a couple of days so that we could be sure that it was all just as we wanted it. Wowh! a real blast to drive!

So now its up to you, if you like to cruize anytime soon, this baby is ready to Rock and Roll ! Rock solid Arizona desert oval ragtop with all and everything for You to play around…

A real headturner guaranteed! Don’t let this one slip away, oval ragtops are soooooo hot, yummie! 

Complete picture shoot on BBT website anytime soon (our publisher seems to have just a little line up of “urgentjobstodo”). If You can’t wait on the picture shoot You’re very welcome to contact me for all additional info on Bob@bbt4vw.com

Pictures @ www.virginoutlaws.com or direct 1956 cruiser

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