This time we might have found something very practical that many Vintage minded VW owners might look interesting. These “Marchal” fog and high beam lamp sets have recently being added to our wide range of parts and are a perfect fit on many Vintage cars. They just look great, super detailed and have a fine chrome finish. The fog lamps are fitted with H1 lamps and fitting and provided with 2 white and 2 yellow classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs and supports. The high beam lamps are fitted with 2 yellow classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs and come with 2 white classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs, 2 H1 12V/55W bulbs and a support to get these H1 lamp mounted. Click here for fog lamp and high beam detail.


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  1. These are the replicas, right?
    I have two pairs of originals, but need some replacement parts, and was wondering if you would have these parts available…
    Things like the rubber gasket, lamps, etc.

    Best regards

  2. Hi pedro, we will email You all info about the spare parts, and yes these are reproductions, even I must admit its very hard to see!.

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