New product boom!!

 Busy as always, this week came in loads of products (as written before on our trusty blog) but also several “NEW” products arrived, and found the way into our shelves.

I thought because they’re very useful and highly demanded by many, to give here a little summary of some…

30DIN Hp (that’s 36 SAE indeed) fuel pump base in Bakelite, looks so good!  BBT ref1690-100

Base for Front indicator BUS 68-72  BBT ref 0616-650 (left) and 0616-660 (Right)

Push rod tubes in shiny Stainless Steel (we still carry the “Perfect Fit” BBT made standard push rod tubes as well off course) BBT ref for stainless is 1760-5 for 13-1600cc, 1759-500 for 1200cc 34Din HP (that’s 40Sae HP) and 1755-500 for 30Din HP (that’s still 36 SAE)

Indicator switch late bay window bus 73-79 under BBT ref 0669-450

and last but not least interior door handle for Bay window bus 68-79 YES! this is the one with the chrome outer edges!!! BBT ref 0524-605

All these fine BBT parts (and way more off course) are available trough your local BBT distributor, ask your dealer for BBT parts, it’s your sign of quality!

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