Now this is GOOD News!!

Cargo door handles for split window busses, now we have both models available from our stocks here @ BBT HQ!

Talking about magic happens… well it does…sometimes. Sometimes some people doing more, and passing the line from hardly possible…to make things happening! Well here’s another example from something hardly impossible, Magic happened… thanks for making these happened!

Cargo door handles for split window bus, 1958/1967 we have both models available from a pre production serie, stocks are VERY limited at this stage, so please hurry up when You need one, as new production will stay out for a while… (but is coming for sure!)

for ordering at Your local VW parts shop use BBT part nr 0425-650 for the short pin (cargo, kombi and panel van without interior doorhandle), and 0425-660 for the one with long doorpin (¬†for all passenger busses and Deluxes with interior door handles)…

sometimes life is beautifull, and for me this made my day!

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