Cables? Fania’s new shipment is in!

For years we sell top notch quality cables from Fania, after all BBT is Fania’s main customer in europe, and we, at BBT, are exclusive European distributor for the Fania cable line for aircooled Volkswagens.

Made all in house and under strict norms Fania is in our eyes the number 1 cable manufacturer of the world. We’re very proud we can represnt them for so many years on our good old continent here in Europe!

So now we had a new delivery from our trusty supplier and believe a couple of pallets with only cables is quiet a task to unpack.

Michel, our goods in guy from lightyears ago, came in for a couple of weeks to help us out again, Big thanks Michel, we can use your help real well!

After everything is unpacked many many cables going into our stocks, ready to deliver to the BBT distributor from your area. if You need a cable for your clutch, accelerator, heater, Ebrake or whatsoever, make sure You ask for Fania, by BBT, so You know You buy the quality your car deserve, and You don’t spend too much money!

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