PPL is Paris Parts Lot!

Just before our moving started we had a phonecall to empty a warehouse near Paris, the warehouse was not unknown for us, we visited already before, but time frame was real bad, so we had to pass on to some friends (why stay friends with BBT, Woehaaaa)

Now the warehouse is empty I love to share some pictures with all of You, yes, treasure barns still excist!

just to give You an idea about a term called “not nice organised”

Hey Mr Francois, what are You laughing at? was it simply too much to stay serious here???…:)

and more…

way too much stuff, all was used, but some good parts were for sure included, and the quantity’s made up for everything!

No need for asking, this is all gone, emptied, and in certain dealers shelves now, it was many, tens of full trucks… and a lot of junk…

but if You need used parts, well just ask us, we still have a lot available from our shelves, or find You almost everytime what you’re looking for!

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