BBT move/ day 7

It seems there comes no end on shelves building. Second row of boxes shelves under construction now.

Kukie isn’t keen to get on the high level orderpickers. heights are not his favorite thing… For now he is racing with ground level warehouse trucks.

Dismantling of the shelves we need for the new warehouse continues.

Both Type 25’s are waiting for their cargo,.. let’s make some time for a quick photoshoot…

The second boxes shelves assembly continues, only a few left to finish this row.

Pascal seems to like his new working space. Settled and answering e-mails.

A sheer of enthousiast sounds through the warehouse. The second boxes shelf just got finished. this was a very slow moving and long construction to make but it’s there now.

The Geysen brothers, satisfied and exhausted… these long days are a true fight but we are still on schedule. These days your BBT team grows even stronger to eachother. Everybody does his thing to ensure we are fully serviceable again in time so we do not need to dissapoint anyone.

We just need to take out the boxes on floor level, these shelves do not need to be taken to the new warehouse. Tomorrow we will start to clear the upper level.

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