BBT move/ Day 2

First desk has been finished. Arlette can already start to unpack her files.

Meeting room ready…

Dismantling of the old warehouse continues, the outgoing goods area has almost been dismantled. All goods gets loaded immediately to bring to the new warehouse.

1 Type 5, 2 x Type 25 are permanently doing their trip, the moment an empty one arrives at the old premises a fresh load has already being prepared for transit to our new working space…

As soon a new load arrives in the new premises Bob and Danny attack the freshly arrived goods with their warehouse “transformers” toys.

Some of the rack we used in our old premises needs some modification, Grinding Gonzo cuts the racks just at the right length.

First goods arrived…

The shop gets shaped including it’s own warehouse to ensure that Hans, our shop manager, can help visitors at maximum efficiency.

Fresh load arrived… this pick-up must have the time of it’s life! At the end of our warehouse move it might be realistic to believe this “Transporter” never moved so much cargo in such a short time.

Come on guys, bring on those toys.

The shop has started packing… Where did you put all those nice toys Hans?

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  1. You could have installed a mega transportline in the street. It was much easyer I guess. But on the other hand, the use of a VW driven forklift and a T3 pick up is way cooler.
    Happy moving.

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