BBT building update


We are almost there, the moment of the big move gets closer. It seems it is calm now but the truth is somewhat different. @ this moment Bob is racing from here, there and everywhere to get the right tools, solutions, etc. to get our warehouse equipped in such a way that we will be able to provide high level service in the safest possible way… rack positioning, correct warehouse trucks, etc. Our drivers are collection all the stuff we need to get Bob’s plan running smooth. It is a bit like a house move… only a bit bigger… Isn’t it Bob? The entire BBT team can’t wait to start the move so we will be able to continue collecting and packing all parts in our new premises in order to keep our VW’s rolling.

The entrance to BBT’s VW heaven gets shaped… We hope we will be able to welcome all of you, VW friends, when you enter through this door!!!


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