BBT building update

The goods warehouse is getting shaped, almost ready to put in the part shelves.

The offices in our new BBT building are getting structured. Now the office clerks @ BBT can start to claim their seat!

Bob’s office

The first room, meeting room, the last room, Arlette’s office

View from Bob’s desk, isn’t it a dream to many of us VW addicts???

View from Arlette’s office…

Cocktail lounge as mentioned in a previous update. We just need to order palm trees and monkeys. Hopefully the blue sky will be a look we can encounter many times this year for many future VW meetings.


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  1. Can’t stop noticing Bob’s getting the best office, hands down… I can imagine the struggle to decide who gets which one… 🙂

    Fantastic view over the collection, kudos!

    p.s.- Love the cocktail lounge! Beware of monkeys… 😛

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