BBT GT Sprintstars!!!

Finally available!!!

After two years of research and try outs we’re extremely proud to present our final production to the public market. As an innovator BBT stepped up again and brought You the ever popular real steel GT sprintstar wheel back to the market.

Available in Chrome or grey finish in 4.5 or 5.5 by 15 in several offsets, together good for no less than 14 different models to choose from. No other wheel manufacturer for classic VW’s ever went that far, to serve the VW market what the VW market really needs…

Every single BBT GT sprintstar wheel comes with its own 100% perfect steel center cap included…

As we, at BBT, take care for things seriously the wheels are from a very high quality, inside out!

These are the wheels we will run the upcoming season on several BBT cars, if You like to be part of the talk of the town next VW show, don’t miss out and order your set today!

For any more information contact your local VW distributor for any more information. Information about the closest VW distributor in your area You can always get on


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  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters at BBT,

    Just got my chrome Sprint Stars on my ’66 Beetle and it looks HOT!
    The highest compliment paid to me so far is from my buddy and neighbor “ANT” who has been building VW’s for 15 years…

    When he found out which wheels I was going to buy, he couldn’t believe it! His reply was “Dude! If I was gonna pick any wheels to put on my car, I woulda picked those! I can’t believe you bought those wheels!”

    Needless to say,I am stoked!

    Fort Lauderdale,Florida

  2. Thanks for such a nice comment PapaG, its exactly these comments that motivate us to keep on going and try to improve, in all and averything and make things even better, we don’t stop!

    we wish you a lot of joy from your wheels and stay tuned to see some pictures… just email to


  3. Hi Steve

    Not sure if Jon has stock, but he got a two weekly BBT delivery like almost any UK VW shop, so Yes just contact him and talk to him, for sure he can help You.

    If any problems plse don’t hesitate to contact me again!


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