New license plates in belgium are there!

Sjeez, in a time without government one or another guy managed to get the new license plates for belgium ready… stupid in my eyes, and a lot of thrill all for nothing…

all new license plates will have an extra digit in the front, making them from 6 to 7 digits… why for? when You ask me to get traject control make work, what might have been more difficult with the old style license plate, as what they didn’t tell in the press the new style license plate also have another style of reflection and anti reflection protection, so better for camera’s is my only guess!

Well the first real one I saw was the one our postman delivered today, the BBT dealer license plate… did You know that even a small country like ours delivers 6000 new license plates a day????

dealer license plates stay white with green letters, while regular license plates will be white with red lettering…

Traject control is a way they take your license plate over a certain distance by several camera’s who gonna calculate your average speed… and fine You when that’s more like legal speed… yes this is Belgium, Yes Big Brother is watching You here!


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  1. Komt er ook een vierkant model zoals in Duitsland en nederland anders gaat het wel een belachelijk zicht zijn achteraan de kever.

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