The day after… or why hangovers hurt so much!

Back from the UK, 3 days intensive PreA fun… and what fun it was!

It all started with the “Nightboat to Cairo”… euh.. Hull actually…

The North of the UK, and especially Yorkshire, is incredible beautiful, even on the way to our host on friday we found plenty of beautiful photospots for the “blue Godness of Vintage speed”….

The meeting was a big succes once again… 11 Pre A’s participated, from a little bit all over Europe… the scenery was magnificient, to say at least…

Saturday morning, mean machines ready for take off… a full day of dirty PreA pleasures to come!

always special to drive “above” the clouds… the “Blue Godness of Vintage Speed” held her yearly reunion with “other” Gods…

The PreA Meet… its all about driving… use those machines, run trough the gears…

Ruins, Castles and Abbeys, Yorkshire unveils still a lot of Englands history… the white rose of York is never far away, no place… perfect picture spots at the several halts down the road…

London’s calling? … very British!

and more driving… beautiful 51 and 52 from Sweden! Splitwindow rules!

PreA’s and British architecture do match perfectly… beautiful stop at a private collection… nice cars, incredible country house, super nice british garden, and hmmmm, nice pears….

25% climbings … not for the faint at hearted!

Ok, I admit, I saw many sheep, and many are manymany… You don’t have to count them to catch the sleep, You dream about them anyway… sheep are EVERYWHERE in Yorkshire!

All that rest me now is to thank Angela and Hendrik for their state of the art organisation… wawh, this meeting blew me of my socks! your organisation will be a hard one to beat guys!

Nice driving, roads of Yorkshire seems to be made for early Porsche’s… too much fun, I have to go back one day!

PreA friends thanks so much for this unforgetable get together! Let’s hope to meet all back up again next year, who know’s where? lot of rumours but nothing fixed yet… stay tuned, we will be back for more!

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