Split Bus Nation

Saturday afternoon we left for split bus nation, no less than 8 BBT split window busses were present! Fuel them up was the first stop, I feel always like magic seeing so many split window busses at a gas station, like we’re living in splitty country! AAAAhhh splits really rule!

Finally a VW show that Hans (BBT countersales) could come along the whole weekend, he drove the infamous “Floodbus”, Doesn’t he look extremely happy in his Model 12 club ride? I bet you would too if you could drive a splitty with less as 50.000km since new…

More pictures from the show itselves will come to our blog and website any time soon!


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  1. And what a great drive it was!
    To anyone out there looking for a great camper, this is the one!
    Drives very good, unlike any other splitbus I already drove, this is the best splitty steering wheel I’ve layed my hands on, and much more then that. Absolutely the best, this model 12 club!

  2. aaaahhhhh split window busses is ALL ABOUT wife and kids… we enjoyed very with the whole falmily! chilling like never before! and the beer was good too!

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