Some more great cars on their way to BBT HQ!

A couple of great cars are on their way to BBT HQ, all of these will be published on our website after some detailing when arrived…

Yes all these are for sale! at any interest do not hesitate to contact me on

1963 totally untouched crew cab…. this is a virgin baby, ready for some serious loving, and his second life, dry dry dry, except a little work on the rockers, but totaly untouched, with straight cargo floors and side gates… just a perfect way to start a crew cab….

1964 untouched economy project, cheap and untouched, needs welding, but price is justified, perfect entry to splittieland!

1963 ultimate 15 window project, we bought this and sold it right a way to a very happy french customer, he wanted one for quite some time… Are You looking for a particular bus? we can help You without any problem, and I’m sure we find You desire… one day or another….

1957 super cool oval window ragtop cruizer, ragtops are cool, ovals are cool, and this… is super cool! Just a very, very nice oval window ragtop cruizer, super dry, never hit, a dream car, or what they call a nice cruizer on the West Coast… from sunny hot superdry Arizona!

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