Off to Italy!

About three weeks ago we started a little trip to Italy,

First we had to deliver the White californian cruizer crew cab to its new owner in germany, going half way Italy in a super cruizer was nothing less as fun!

we visited several suppliers and customers on our way up in Germany, France and Italy. The most impressive was for sure this mega factory, seven machines, one operator, unbelievable know how, a real cool deal to know we have such dedicated suppliers. Technology without an end, made in Europe for the price as competitive as China, well we dig them out and like quality first!

we can’t get enough of the machines!

Main reason for this trip was the Volkswagen meeting in Cecina Mare, a little beach city about 45 minutes south of Pisa, in Tuscany…

All beetles welcome, the smallest first!

no, this is no photoshop! but a real cool baby beetle, with a real VW engine that runds and drive!

the show was a mess, pooring rain all weekend! No fun…..

Can You find the split window bus in this picture? pooring rain, or like they say in Italian “tempo bruto”!

Not fun at all, rain and water everywhere, so time to build a party Saturday night… always good to be at the table with Anna and Giovanni and hang out with their whole team of Dei Käferservice, one of BBT’s proud Italian distributors….

the best of the entire show was saturday night late entertainment, Tao and his friends gave a huge concert out of a bay window, wahw! these guys know for sure what rock and roll is, they Rock!!!!

A lead guitar, bass guitar and drums, and the complete sound system, who said a bay window do not have enough capacity? for Tao it’s a way of art, all info on . Hopefully we see You guys in Belgium one day!

as all trips also this trip was over way to fast, back to work, back to the office, more great adventures awaiting You, but first we have to work the almighty BBT paperpile a bit……

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