Off road, the Gonzo way….

This is what Gonzo calls off road…

Nice Buggy huh… Gogogo Gonzo, we like da style!

yes, that’s mud….

Keep that car in balance, nice excercise…:)


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  1. This was a first test weekend at the “25years syncro treffen”
    Soon in competition at the “Transylvania Adventure Trophy”

  2. It’s funny and exciting. You guys must have enjoyed this off-road even though you are covered in mud. I wonder how you can keep driving while getting so much mud in your face? Will the mud get in your eyes? And in the last photo, I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at it.

  3. Thanks for comments Kirk, even this blogpost is over 10 years old, and Gonzo is still a good friend but doesn’t work for us anymore its still a very cool Blmogpost..
    oh yes Gonzo is still active in offRoad… look him up on FB, you will find him, and just love his style

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