1964 “Gurke” Bus, a real EZ camper with history!

Believe it or not, but all this started between a couple of German friends who wanted to drive their split window beetle from Alaska to the most southern point of South America, Tierra del Fuego. Shipping their split to Anchorage they drove the first leg to San Francisco in the New World without any serious problems, but a lot of adventures..

Recovering in San Francisco they recalled what they saw and felt so sorry for a couple of busses they saw in junk yards in Alaska. Under the motto “I did my bit, saved a split” they thought they had to save at least one… so airplane tickets were bought and pick up scheduled. After picking this bus up at the junkyard, they had to fix it… not an easy task up north. They managed to get it running, and registered it! So the drive through crazy Alaska could start… and yes they had fun

Back in San Francisco they called us and asked very friendly if we would be interested so they could start the next leg of their trip… a rock solid EZ camper, who can refuse?… well it’s here now, comes with a lot of pictures and memories, and oh yeah, this baby got more history then most of all other buses together.

1964 “Gurke” Bus, a real EZ camper with history!: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!


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