Coming soon; Model 12 club perfect Sundial camper

This camper is amazing, original clocked only 16.000miles since new it happened to be in a flood, what gave it the nickname “Flood bus”. Painstackily restored by Tom Niedernhofer (yes of the Denzel fame) this bus must be now one of the best Sundials around, and for sure the most clean one. Tom put no less than 2500 hours of labour into it to restore this gem! Outside the bus is all original, and this includes the paint! A clean driver/camper anyone?

cockpit interior, it’s all like new, great job Tom! And thanks for selling it to me!

if you’re on the market for a nice and clean camper, where even grandma would have no excuse to drive with, well don’t hesitate and contact me asap on as this beauty will be for sale, somewhere at the end of June.


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  1. I was at a Bug show in July of 2013 and I purchased a framed picture of your 66 bus above. I just purchased a 67 identical to it, original paint like yours in mint condition with 40,000 miles. I just noticed Model 12 Club on the door of your Bus and was curios as to what kind of club it is and does it still exist. Is the bus still around?


  2. Hi Jake

    the model 12 club was a shooting/hunting club from somewhere in the Midwest, should dig out the whole story again…:) the bus was mint, because my friend Thomas Niedernhofer put over a 1000 hours of labor to make it so nice again, the bus was in a flood long time ago… the last i heard from it is it residing on the King islands (Ile de re) in South of France, in the Atlantic ocean coast somewhere. these islands are close to be a paradise, very special place to live….:)

    hope this helps


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