Sad news about BBT GT sprintstars

after our testing we’re not happy with the quality of the chrome Sprintstars, its not far off, but it is to far to be good, so we will have to wait to next container to sell the chromies… grey ones will be availble soon, as we redo the black inserts over here to match the quality we like to offer… 

so the we all have to wait a little longer… follow this blog for more updates in near future!


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  1. Hi David

    Thanks for your questions,
    Sadly enough we’re facing another two months of production… but we have another system set up for quality control so the made mistakes can nor will happen again…. production start soon!

    As always at your service

  2. Bob,

    Please let me know as soon as you hear that the new sprinstars/chrome will be ready and how soon they will be on the ship on their way to California.

    I have passed up on many other wheels for the ones you are producing.

  3. well all news we have about we post on this blog, at the moment the new production is running, with a new end control system taht should work, meanwhile we try to figure out to redo the ones we have, for the grey ones we might be succesfull in a very short future!


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