Happy New year! Sprint Star New Year!

Happy New year to all of the BBT blog fans! I hope You may expect a VW year of your dreams, with many rare finds, good quality parts and lots of trouble free kilometers /miles!

Good news on the Sprint Star schedule… container left the factory Dec 30! a couple of pictures about wheels and boxes and the loading…

152 sprintstars loaded 1

nice finished production chromie… aren’t they wonderfull!

152 sprintstars loaded 2

what a pile… container load awaits loading…

152 sprintstars loaded 3

the works in progress, enough to serve everybody!

152 sprintstars loaded 4

more then enough…:)

152 sprintstars loaded caps

We also redid the caps, perfect, in steel like it was, and like it should, will also fit the original sprintstar wheels… top quality before all!!! included with every wheel, and available seperatly as well!


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  1. Hi Millo

    they will be available beginning of february altready, they’re this very moment on the water sailing to us… You can place your order already troiugh info@bbt4vw.com

    always appreciated!


  2. No sorry mike no serious pictures of the painted wheels, i really keep my fingers crossed the colors do come out well….

  3. I´ll place my order, but i need any document of examination for the german tüv. without this document, i will not listed the sprintstars in my papers…

  4. Hi Millo

    and thanks for checking in again.

    We first have to receive the wheels here to bring them to Germany to make the TUV certificate,itys a not that easy process that will take between 3 and 6 months until finished, but its already in our planning, offcourse we will post the results to our blog so keep an eye on this blog for the result

    Thank you…


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