Reminder 19 december, BBT’s X-mass drink!



Sorry guys, but I don’ t believe Santa Claus will be at the party this year,

anyway, don’t forget:

Open house, 10% discount on all parts! End of the year stock clearance.

Open collection, One day only! buy Your dream car today and get 10% discount!

Life music, BBT’s infamous bounce castle!

Bar and food stalls, show up in your aircooled pride and receive free drinks or food!

See BBT’s Metal shaper at work in his “room of the master” workshop.

Visit the infamous BBT’s collection, with special “War and Peace” exhibition.


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  1. Hey Bob, Linda, Alain, Frank, Edwin, Louis!

    Everyone must have a drink for me at your Christmas party as it is the day of my 56th birthday also (Dec 19th), and I can’t be there to join you! I miss you guys!

    Bill Bowman

  2. Hello Bill,

    Happy Birthay to you ……

    I wish you where here !

    Have lots of drinks , Belgian beer ofcourse.


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