1955 Stratos silver oval window ragtop


This patina wunder is for sale! Unbelievable, and by far in my top 5 of original owned patina cars ever!

1955 features still that ultra slick 3 fold ragtop ribbed doors, early seats, You named, probably the sum of the word “COOL”….

This car has been woken up, runs and drives, but we suggest a serious tune up before going for that ultimate cruise to avoid surprises.

Body wise this car is good, considering age and beauty, but require some welding. Although its buyers choice as always we should regret seeing this car being restored. A more radical original patina look will be extremely hard to come by. We thank mother nature for creating such beauty’s for us to see and enjoy… and old cars might look old, right?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further info required.


1955 Stratos silver oval window ragtop: Check out the pics on the BBT-website!


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