Breaking News! BBT Sprintstar GT update!

Wheels are now coming out of chroming process, no new problems occured so far… so last wheels will be painted and packed, and without any special problem the first container of wheels will leave the factory next week in direction of BBT Headquarters. hereby some current pics to let you drool already…

139 sprintstar update 1

139 sprintstar update 2

139 sprintstar update 3

139 sprintstar update 4


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  1. Lookin good! I run an Og set but would be proud to run those. Are they going to be avilable in 4 n a half aswell! And what’s the price going to be U.S!!

    Once again good job!!

  2. Hi Mike

    off course we will have them on 4.5 and 5.5, in several ET’s… for USA delivery’s, You can contact for the list of US shops that ill follow the BBT GT Sprintstar programm.

    always at your service


  3. Prices, prices Prices. Everyone is asking and you don’t answer the question. How much are the wheels going to cost.

  4. Hi Danny

    Everybody that inquire gets a price in a personal email, and all emails been replied to, if anybody says he didn’t get a reply, he didn’t contact us. We do not put prices on our website our blog as a company policy. Most of the first container is already sold in confirmed pre sale, prices are already 4 months in all BBT price lists, so you’re only little behind… but as everybody, also You will did receive already yoiur price quote in a personal reply to this comment.

    as always at your service


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