A new breath of wheels… AIR EVO!

Our friend of the house SOS Les let produce and do import a new breath of wheels… of course we do help him out with sales and all AIR EVO wheels are available through BBT at same pricing as from Leslie himselves! Now that’s what we call cooporation… fancy for something different out of the wheel jungle? Air Evo is the way to go, available in our BBT shop.

don’t forget to check them out their website will be soon online!


138 Air Evo


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  1. Hi, I have purchased a set of 17×7 airevo wheels in Australia for a 1975 vw bus but they did not come with wheel nuts and I can not locate any here in Australia that fit. Can you help with my dilema?

  2. Hello Anthony,

    Please send me an email (hans@bbt4vw.com) regarding your question.
    I think I will be able to help you.

    Best regards,

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