Under pressure….

Today Alain and me have visited one of our sheetmetal manufacturers. We had a large conversation about what we will produce in the near future, we’re looking for top quality parts, and they’re looking for jobs to keep their production smooth and running… isn’t it a wonderfull world when we all can join and benefit… from supplier, manufacturer, wholesale, retail and even You as customer/user? Let’s start today and working on a better world with more quality and parts that fit right for your beloved VW! We at BBT makes things happen…..

Look out for way more and better BBT sheetmetal deals in the future…

Under pressure? well this 600ton press was pretty impressive to check out, but I do not wnat to come under when its coming down…

122 Under pressure....

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  1. If you got caught in it your sales staff could say "Bob is in touch with everything we do here. In fact, there is a little bit of Bob in every product we sell!" LOL

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