How rare can You go baby?

Woehaaaa… this was the weird beast missing in our stables… a Farmobile fitted with VW engine… yes I know this should have a BMW 700 engine, but hey, this got a aircooled VW powerplant, any objections?

A very very special thanks to our friends from Vintage import France for all the help and the trouble free transaction… visit them on for all their cool stuff on;

any news on Farmobiles always welcome, pictures or whatever, YES I’m interested to learn…

Do You have a so strange VW You think it might fit in our collection? don’t hesitate to contact me on, don’t be affraid, I don’t bite neither aggressive, and if You have the right stuff, I have money ready… my only problem is that I’m an addict…. and yes that might be infective…:)

enjoy my strange new toy…



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  1. He Bob, it was funny for me too, to drive this farmobile.
    We are very happy that car is now into the BBT land coolection


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