For sale… 10 years of difference!

Wowh!!! sometimes we’re just lucky bastards, sometimes You can consider us like crying poor guys… well this is another moment in that BBT balance…

Yes! we’re very lucky because we got another two extremly rare original cars… and no, we’re not able to keep them… even my wife don’t want me to sell them…..  

here they are… 1966 Seesand and 1956 Black….

0092 56 & 66 1

Both are very original and absolute first paint cars… can You imagine how the previous owners took care?

0092 56 & 66 2

1966 Seesand, typical late sixties colour… very nice and straight body on a set of all original mechanics in superb working order, in one word this is a supercollectordrivercar!

0092 56 & 66 3

Better then sex…. 1956 Black, first paint, first everything!!!! unbelievable condition! next pic will explain it all!….

0092 56 & 66 4

Yep, that’s right… 21358 ALL ORIGINAL VIRGIN KILOMETERS ON THE SPEEDO… less then 13.500miles!!!! nothing more… and complete history as well!

Woooeeeeewwwiiiieeeeee we did it again…

BBT, we’re you’re low mileage car specialists…

Buy it or leave it, one thing is for sure, once such a car goes in a collection it will more then likely not appearing again on the market anytime soon….. full picture shoot hopefully soon on our homepage…


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  1. Wow !!! What are the chances of finding a car like that. Nice ,,I am working on a 1974 Bug that has some cancer, everything rots here in South Florida,, Just got to keep on patching…..JB

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