Nothing beats the Pre A meet!

Henk did a wonderfull job this year with the organisation of the yearly Pre A drivers meeting in Holland… from dusk till dawn… nice get together on friday with light lunch on the market of Oosterhout, a nice drive to the Hotel in Made, exquis dinner, good sleep, well deserved breakfast and a nice tour with enough stops foods and drinks to fill a Saturday or probably a whole week. The Saturday evening dinner in restaurant ‘t Weeshuys was out of  league! The drinks in the bar thereafter even better! Sunday Henk arranged a wonderfull boattrip trough the Biesboschen….

But off course the cars played the stars!

some impressions;

0087 Pre A 1

Holland is flat, very flat, straight line ups are the result…:)

0087 Pre A 2

Our friend Jacques from Avignon area (France) came out with his split… after more then 10 years touring this was the last trip, the car goes of the road and will see a torough restauration, hopefully Jacques will find enough time to get it ready by next year…

0087 Pre A 3

Country of windmills, the site of “Kinderdijk” is very impressive to see how people from Holland fighted the ever returning water… Kinderdijk is Unesco world heritage, and deserves that title very well! Most mills date from around 1740 and are still fully functional…

0087 Pre A 4

The Non Pre A was the service car… Pick your colour from the left overs…:)

Henk, out of all participants a Big Thank You, the organisation was a blast to say at least! The fifth edition will be long time in everybody’s memory, another tradition fullfilled completly for the Pre A drivers, non participants missed out, big time!

Next year we all go to the UK as it seems, access will be limited to only 19 cars from what I heard, another Die Hard event to come… reserve your places in time… I will work hard to get the 53 vert ready…

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