Westy went Up North…

After SCC we took a couple of days to tour the incredible beauty of Norway in our 1959 SO23 Westy with trailer… it ended up in a 6500km trip above Arctic circle and the “whole” E10 hwy trough the Lofoten Islands… now I can clearly understand why the vikings always returned home… every turn You take is another paradise, Norway is extremly nice.

0075 Norway 1

 Local shops, no supermarkets, the relief of the sixties full force…

0075 Norway 2 

World famous; The Geiranger Fjord. we took this shot out of the Westy…

0075 Norway 3

 Kristiansund, one of many beautifull vintage coast city’s…

0075 Norway 4

 “Just” camping on the Lofoten islands, where, even in August, it hardly get dark… so much North…

0075 Norway 5

 Imagine! This is real! This is 2009… aren’t we all nuts to life in overcrowded city’s?

0075 Norway 6 

We came back over Sweden, crossed Polar circle South again, still a magnifique moment… 66°and 33minutes… 6600km north from the Equator and 3300 km south from the North pole, coincidence? Its so nice You can really drive there… even with the Westy, this is the proof!

0075 Norway 7 

Sweden is Sweden… well it could easily become my second home, i love the country and especially the layback lifestyle… Hopefully all our neighbours had good holidays on Southern overcrowded beaches with overpriced drinks and foods, we brought our own pick-nick and had a wonderfull time with the boys… memory’s they can never take away from us anymore.

0075 Norway 8 

Back home now, and pictures is all that remind us… dreamin’ of going back, anytime SOON!!!


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  1. Hi Bob
    Wow.. What a trip – very envious 😉
    Must admit that parts of Norway and Sweden look very similar to parts of the lower South Island of New Zealand.

    Thanks for the great photos, keep em’ coming.


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