Lier was superb!

Yesterday the Vintage VW meeting in Lier was too much fun… pictures will follow anytime soon, beside the fun job of being a judge I had also the honours to “Fly” with my schwimmwagen! After sailing and driving, I went for the third dimension! woehaaaa…..

Because lack of a good entry/exit we had to put Schwimmie in the Inner Nete closed riverbank by crane… the Inner Nete floods cross through the city of Lier… thanks to all authorities for all given authorisations and let me discover this beautiful ancient city from the waterside… it’s mind blowing!

0077 flying Schwimmie

and of course we did schwimm as well, the passenger was a winner of the award “who’s its Birthday today”

0077 flying Schwimmie 1

, congrats with your birthday again, and wasn’t it a whole lot a fun?

we made it even on page 1 from the local newspapers!

Just another day of BBT fun!


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  1. Hey bob, Those pictures are very cool! Looks like the passengers are having the time of there life! I went to our local Saturday hangout in Irvine and Rich Kimball brought a schwimmwagen to the meet. I thought my fridolin was cool until i saw that!

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