Double plugged!

Wowh, yesterday a customer emailed me some pictures of his VW collection… between all his toys one coaught my eye, big time…

Seen a lot of weirdo and freaky things all Volkswagen in my 25 years of making living from this old cute cars this I never ever saw before… weird to say at least…

At first sight it looks like a “normal” crew cab tow truck, but a quick look in the engine bay You will see the biggest Frankenstein VW engine of your entire miserable VW life… this truck is powered by 2 engines, … one upside down the top of the other…..


0062 Crew hauler 1

0062 Crew hauler 2

0062 Crew hauler 3

A big thanks to Erick to let me use his pictures..


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  1. Bob thanks for posting the pictures of my crazy Tow truck!
    It is a 1963 VW Crew Cab TowTruck with dual stacked motors with the top motor up side down!
    It was used in a VW shop and has towed almost 200K Miles!
    The dual motors were use for about 85k miles of towing.
    They are just over 1800cc each with only single port heads that shared one Carburator. I talked to Mr. Norton and he said he had built over 3000 vw motors and that this one was one of a kind. He also said there is no stock parts inside the motors. They are currently locked up but I hope to get them runing one day. For now I hope to get the Bus going down the road with a normal vw motor.
    Erick Sowder

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