Sprintstar update!

After dragging around our Sprintstar 5 lug wheel sample to the major VW shows this season we can see this wheel gets a lot of positive reactions! Most people are so happy they can drive the real steel wheels from the past at a affordable price any time soon…

Prices are known now, at 125 euro for the chrome edition, and 100 euro for the grey edition, stupid 21% Belgium sale tax included!

Today, however, we got our sample from the centercap… after 500 try outs from as much as different company’s to produce something look-a-like in plastic, alu, billet whats-o-ever, its us, here at BBT, that set the final step of the serious reproduction, pressed chrome steel like it should, with the nice bump stamps to keep one and another on place, perfection to our eyes… the only way we can live with it and sleep well at night… in die hard BBT philosophy….

The BBT GT legend is born… just spread the word…. delivery date for the BBT GT sprintstar wheels is still Mid October 2009…. stay tuned.

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0059 Centercap Sprintstar 1

0059 Centercap Sprintstar 2

0059 Centercap Sprintstar 3


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  1. Hi Bob these wheels look superb, have you got a picture of the 4.5 wide wheel please.

    These look just awesome.

  2. hey Dave, thanks for comment, no pic of 4.5’s yet, as the 5.5 is the single survivor of the BBT testprogramme… mid october will be arriving first shipment, but stay tuned, as we might have big news any time soon about the first 100 sets!

  3. Hi David

    Thanks for your comment! Well they will be very easy available in California troufgh ISP West, they placed their first stock order already so it would be oist easy to contact them and reserve your set already… Do You have details for ISP West? you can find everything on thier website http://www.vwispwest.com at any problem plse feel free to contact us again…

    always at your service!


  4. Hi Gary

    Thanks for checking in!

    Well delivery time is still confirmled for mid october, but if You really want to make sure itys best You sent a pre order (kind a reservation) to our sales dept as they have already a lot of pre orders and who has a resevatiob gets always priority offcourse….

    always at your service


  5. Hi,
    I’d like to ask you when these awesome 5 lug sprints will be available at your Hungarian dealer?

    Thank you,

  6. Hey tomi

    Thanks for checking in…

    We will have sprintstars available mid October, we can deliver at our dealer in Budapest first delivery after that… we drive every other week to Budapest for delivery’s, so it never can be that late after…. so plse talk to michi and he can tell…

    Thank you


  7. Hi Bob

    how much are they ordered direct from you, whats the deliver costs to the UK? Or am i better off ordering from a UK stockist ( if yes, who stocks them in the UK)


  8. Hi Gary

    Thanks for checking in

    Several BBT distributors will follow the BBT GT sprintstars for sure. Cool Air and Karmann Konnektion will be among them, but You can probably buy them at any VW parts guy in UK as most of them do order direct from us any way… if You order direct the shipping might kill You, guess its better to order from your favourite VW shop in UK… rememeber delivery time is mid October…

    always at your sprintstar service


  9. Hi Bob, just thought I’d drop you another message regarding these wheels. How is production going are you still on track for Mid October. These look so nice good choice of wheel to replicate.


  10. Hi Bob

    just to check, ive got wagenswest bustang disc brakes up front, my flat 4 srints fit over these fine, will the new BBT sprint fit okay??


  11. Well I’m not familiar with Wagenswest disc brakes, but if a alloy wheel will fit over our steel ones might be for sure, as they are less thick….


  12. Hi david and thanks for checking in… our post on sept 28 gives a complete update, with even a picture of the broken tooling what delayed our production, so for now we set a new delivery time at end of November… but follow the bBT blog and stay up to date, all and any serious news will be published on the blog immediatly…

    As always at your service


  13. No not yet await my new report from the factory, they just returned from vacation it seems, as soona s I know more I will post to our blog!

  14. yes, our blog sproud updates regulary… all in short, we do have some grey sets available now, they been powder coated from the faulty first chrome delivery… meanwhile production is running from our new stock order where we inplanted a new quality control… shipment is due to arrive somewhere october, but with the past in mind we do not want to promise anything anymore before they arrive in our warehouse…

    stay tuned on BBT’s blog for any further updates….

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