Special Guests at BBT Camping!


Here’s another extraordinary Volkswagen story: Craig and Michelle from the UK just did it: checked up their Type 2 Van for the last time, and then just drove off. Now they’re driving all trough Europe, without a real goal, except for the road. This pic shows Craig and Michelle driving off again on Wednesday, after they suffered a breakdown on Friday. Since we where short on mechanics, we let them use the BBT parking as a camping for the next 5 days. We took them to EBI3 too, as they had to wait anyway, and we had a great time there! Now, their Van is fixed, driving like a blast. I’m sure they are happy persons now, as they drove off this morning to continue their forever roadtrip. If you ever see this great blue Van, be sure to stop, help ‘em out when in trouble and most of all: give them our best regards!

Craig and Michelle: all the best, and make sure you never run out of road… Come back soon!


Their special thanks goes out to Leslie the mechanic for fixing their Van.

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