BBT in snowy white!!

Last couple of days Belgium was hit by …many snow… so BBT Jerry used his lunchbreak to make this beautiful ppicture for all of us… no way our classic VW leave their stables now, too much salt on the road!

BBT in snow_resized

The future of sheetmetal packaging for your Volkswagen.

BBT and our suppliers will set a new standard in sheetmetal packaging.

All of our sheetmetal we make will be packed individual nicely in its own box, very easy to ship and way better to avoid damage and scratches…

Welcome in our VW world we try to make better… every day….

This is how our sheet metal delivery looks… right now! and we will continu to make it better! Forget the flimsy repair panels from back in the day we’re working on real deep throat stamped restoration sheet metal… no mickey mouse or scooby do…. but only the real stuff, like VW used to supply… but unfortunately isn’t able to do anymore….




Friday Product Update; Loads of New sheetmetal for your splittie bus!!

Brand new in our program, after the full roof clip for your split window bus this week the Front part only arrived! Collison or rot? but not on the full roof? only in the front? this might bring you the perfect solution!

0890-820 Roof repair panel front – Bus 03/55-07/67


The Bulkheads came in!! yihaa! Testfitted in our own workshop this is crazy cool part and we do know that many buses waiting on this part!!! But careful! This is the early model  goes from post barndoor till July 1962 (VIN 971549) we call this model the half-moon bulkhead, and if you look to the pictures You can see why… the later model (Aug 1963 till July 1967) will be developed if this panel is a good seller. But we didn’t start development yet, so no reason to ask please.

This early model “Half Moon” Bulkhead is available right now from our stocks… get your supplies now!

0890-795 Bulkhead – Bus 08/55-07/63

Quality test and fit was done in BBT workshop, this is a panel that fits! Quality has no compromise!!

2017-08-21 14.15.05_resized

Good news for our customers driving on the other side of the road like we do….. the early cab floor for the early post barndoor splitwindow bus is now available… High quality pressed on cast toolings, this is easily comparable with Original panel Volkswagen welded in your bus on the assembly line back in the day!!

Quality first… forget all other trash on the market, this is the way to go if you want to make a nice bus!

0890-134-1 Front floor pan – Bus 03/55-07/58 RHD

And last but not least this week…

Bay window bus vent wings

The market was screaming for years for good vent wings, used items in good condition been raised to stratospheric levels and been paid for lately what an entire bus costed a mere 15 years ago. Vent wings are victim of the rust devil and we’re aware many years the market was ready for a serious replacement part.

Therefor BBT stepped up and start producing a complete new assembly and a perfect replacement part, no substitutes with aluminum and such, but the real deal, a vent wing exactly like original, but new…. Brand new and exactly like original, the real deal.

Did we know how many separate parts been involved to produce this vents wings… its almost incredible for a part that looks so easy…. But actually is a very complicated part to make and assemble. Besides all different components to produce it needs 24! riveting jobs (exactly like original) it needs 110 minutes assembly time in total for each frame, and the outer frame needs no less than 2 different laser operations. All in all very complicated and very intensive to produce. Our manufacturer did a great job and we’re very proud to the results!

Over four years in development, the final product is awesome! A perfect vent wing as was meant to be, and 100% like original! Our idea’s gives new dimensions to our humble VW bus world!

Let the air flow, let the wind blow, open these new vent wings and enjoy the fresh air in your bus!

vent wing baywindow_resized


0517-920 Vent window assembly left Bus 08/67-07/79


0517-925 Vent window assembly right Bus 08/67-07/79


Moving slowly but steady forward… BBT still has 100’s of products in development! Every time one or more new products arrive and hit our shelves feels like your kid is coming home!

BBT… where quality has NOT a substitute!

BBT’s FPU team wish you all a very happy and relax (VW) weekend….