Datsun Z another Cult car!

We found this pictures off all the “Z’s” brand new sitting in the harbor of Long Beach california in the seventies…. now a days the real nice “Z’s” are a cult car for sure… I was lucky to get some “seat time” recently and i must say well they drive cool! once you’re in the car looks so large, and when You see them on the freeway they look so tinny…. weird design!


Friday Product Update

Finally we’re able to supply new blank keys in exact original model with VW logo and with VW license!!! No substitute to your original! This is the key You need…

Order yours now from our stocks!!!

0654-04 Sleutel blank SG – Kever 01/54-07/59, KG 08/55-07/67
0654-06 Sleutel blank SV – Kever 08/60-07/66
0654-08 Sleutel blank SU – Kever 08/60-07/66
0654-10 Sleutel blank M – Kever 08/70-, KG 08/70-07/74, Type3 08/70-07/73
0654-22 Sleutel blank E,Z,D,V,F – Bus 50-63
0654-24 Sleutel blank L – Bus 08/67-07/70, Type181 08/69-07/70
0654-25 Sleutel blank R – Bus 08/70-07/79, Type181 08/70-01/82


This is the little seal that fits between the door handle and the door it selves on sliding doors from your beloved T25/T3/Vanagon bus. finish that car like it should and give it the good looks (and protection!) with these little necessary seals….. both models available.

0723-620  Seal under outer sliding door handle – Bus 05/79-07/84




0723-630  Seal under outer sliding door handle – Bus 08/84-07/92



Secure and protect the ball joints from your T25/T3/Vanagon Bus like it should! We supply the correct brand new bolts to do so!  We sell them by the pair!

1331-251  Bolts for upper ball joint (pair) – Bus 05/79-08/92

BBT FPU team wish you a supercool and smooth weekend!

Doris Day tribute, hilarious chase with lots of old cars!

Doris Day turned 95 the other day, time to look back…

In this little movie track she ran away out of the Beverly Hills Hotel and been “chased” by her husband… a hilarious ride with plenty of old cars when they where new… including a lot of Volkswagens… can you spot them?

Double click to play!

Friday Product Update

This neat little accessory was original installed in your Deluxe bus from 1955 up to 1963, this little cute extra always intrigued me strongly as it was almost always broken or missing, I tried to collect as many as I came across over the years but never came very far! Finally we have these back available so You can finish that beautiful interior in style!

0784-740  Coat hook Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63


Our ever-expanding range of white wall rings enlarged with this ubercool wide white wall… for all of your 16 inch tyre guru’s… check out our complete line of white walls HERE

2539-916  White wall ring (BIG) 16″ (4 piece)


High demand made us search High and Low to find these quality lifters… More Type 4 engines reach our shores and demand for Type 4 engine parts is on the rise, BBT try to help pieces.  our trusty customers to enlarge the range of Type 4 engine parts, these OE replacement hydraulic lifters being a nice add-on to our ever-growing type product line!

We sell them in a set of  8 pieces.

1634-100  Lifterkit hydraulic – Type 4 / WBX / CT/CZ (8 pieces)


The back of your generator hold your cooling fan, or at least that’s on your Type 1 engine that way. We offer now the nut that holds the fan in place on your generator! Very special designed nut that VW used almost forever on all Type 1 engines. get your replacement now.

2209-104  Nut cooling fan – Type1 engine


Our German rubber manufacturer delivered some of our back orders and so we have these kits back available now!

0336  Windowrubberkit  ‘old type Deluxe’ 58-64
0339  Windowrubberkit ‘new type Deluxe’ 1303

BBT FPU team wish you all a very lay back weekend!