BBT News

The only way to describe arrivals coming in last couple of weeks.

Inventory build up for the spring.
New arrivals too.

This week was busy as ever.
Some cool new products already here below.

Welcome to the BBT News.


This week we kick off with a nice reproduction from the 181/Trekker/Thing fender.
Many times rusted out; bent or destroyed we’re very happy with these brand new reproductions.

Nicely pressed to OE specs in steel.
We start with left front; right front will be available in May.

The rear ones expected to land somewhere in the fall.
Left front already available from our stocks.

0889-801 Wing front left – Type181


This frame is to cover the cut out on the padded dashboard of your late model beetle.
Standardized dimensions for modern car radios are 50mm/2 inches height to 180mm/7 inches width (single DIN) .

Made from durable ABS plastic to last forever.
Will fit only padded dash cut outs on late model standard beetle & 70-72 1302 Super beetles.HERE

Radio hole block off plates HERE
Repair panel for cut out/messed up radio hole HERE
Radio frame for 72-79 1303 Super beetle HERE
Universal radio mounting console HERE

0525-310 Radioframe padded dashboard – Beetle 08/67- (not 1303)


The BIG NUT is back!
Big nut transmissions are called the type of rear axles on the Volkswagen splitty bus with the larger diameter axles coming out of the reduction boxes.

Original used on German buses from 1963-1967 and Brazilian buses1967-1992.
These buses use the big square 46mm socket castle nut to tighten the rear brake drum.

Long time unavailable we bring back that original shape of the “BIG NUT”.
Forged the old-fashioned way like it should make for a perfect quality.

Originally splitty bus castle nuts did not have the molded in washers for later models..
This is the nut we drive on our BBT buses.

Entire family castle nuts for Bug & Bus HERE
Correct six groove castle nuts for bay window buses are in the works.

1448-100 Castle nut rear axle (forged) – Bus 08/63-07/67


Small parts are so necessary for a complete good functioning classic Volkswagen.

We spend a lot of time for correct product design.
We now bring you  our new production of the dowel pin for the emergency brake handle.

This pin lets swivel your E-brake handle in its bracket.
We made the grooves 2mm wide for a perfect fit on Splitty and Bay window buses.

Will fit all VW bus emergency brake handles from end of 1953 all the way till July of 1979.
Because of quantities produced we  offer with very cool quantity discounts, check us out!

BBT emergency brake handle kits HERE
Bay window emergency brake handle kit exploded view HERE

0523-007 Dowel pin for emergency brake handle – Bus 12/53-07/79


With all the deliveries last weeks also some longer time backorders  come back available.

Did you know BBT fuel pump tebuild kits come with tempered metal parts?
1685-10 Rebuild set fuel pump 25/30hp – BBT


1456-001 Rubber rear sway bar support – Beetle/KG 08/66-

Exploded view for rear sway bar HERE


1302-500 Shock absorber front – Bus 04/79-07/92 (no Synchro)


0289-06 Accelerator pedal rod boot – Bus 50-07/79


7569-505 License light assembly – Bus 08/71-07/79 – VW Brazilian model


The BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend.

BBT News

What is left of our New Years promises?
We are already a month in the New Year, times flies!

Time for a small look back and evaluation, right?
Our promise to bring you back our steel BBT GT Sprint Star Wheels and Westy tents both are in full progress and on schedule.

Our better infill promise was backed up with better numbers in Januarys end of month balance.
Other projects coming to cruising-speed as well.

The cool down of the world economy give us a better position against suppliers and factories for negotiations about quality, lead times and prices.

We keep on working on Bigger, Better, sTronger.
What was on our New Years card, is exactly what we are doing.

Making every day VW life an enjoyable life.
We keep our promises and happily renew them for you every week again.

Welcome to the BBT News.


This week we give attention on the type 4 engines.
With many buses coming back from the US in the  last 10 years demand for these parts raised seriously.

Late model Type 4 engines came with M10 mm valve adjusting screws.
We are happy to present you the correct nuts for these applications.

T25/T3/Vanagon use both M9 HERE and M10 nuts.
Easy is to check if you have M9 or M10 adjusting screws and order needed nuts accordingly.

1784-220 Nut valve adjusting screw M10 – Type4, WBX

Gaskets are stupid and worthless, until you need one and do not have it.
We add the lower gaskets for the oil filler pipe on your Type 4 engine.

This gasket is specific as the hole is not in the enter.
Some more Type 4 oil filler related parts HERE

1848-408 Gasket under Oil filler tube – Type4

We release our VW oval beetle T shirt.
In 2024 our SWT team will work hard on the Beetle oval panel development.

We thought this deserves specific apparel.
Besides our white Beetle Tee’s our Black Barndoor T-Shirts are available HERE

9920-100 T-shirt Oval white (Small)
9920-110 T-shirt Oval white (Medium)
9920-120 T-shirt Oval white (Large)
9920-130 T-shirt Oval white (X-Large)
9920-140 T-shirt Oval white  (XX-Large)
9920-150 T-shirt Oval white (XXX-Large)


Lowering prices was one of our promises for the New Year.
Finding better quality parts is our ongoing quest forever.

Lowering prices dramatically together with a better quality give us full satisfaction.
We have been able to score better deluxe trim for your split window bus rockers.

Resulting in an extensive lowering in price, with a nice quantity discount on top.
Sold per pair and comes standard with red beading included,

Change the beading to any color you want available HERE

0404-34 Rocker trims (with red insert) – Bus -07/67 (pair)

The BBT News Team wishesyou a very cool weekend.
Relax to the max, and keep that promise.

BBT News

Western Europe, especially Belgium and France, got large farmer strikes this week.
Huge actions, like blocking freeways, or closing food distribution centers…

Also tensions in the Middle-East accelerate on a not healthy pace.
All people that are fighting for the future of their families.

Most of us, we do not realize how lucky we are not having to do that.
Can’t these politicians, responsible for all the misery, not all just buy a classic Volkswagen, fix it, enjoy it, and stay calm?

We take care for the parts supply!
Every week more and better

Welcome to BBT News.

We start the week with an extra ring and pinion.
We add the “spline” model of the 31 to 8 (3;88) ring and pinion.

Volkswagen used this ratio in most of their 1600cc engine configurations.
Longer ratio ring and pinion give you a more comfortable ride.

High quality part, nobody likes to open their transmission again because of inferior parts.
We have a whole family of ring and pinions for long ratio driving HERE

Works perfectly in combination with any 1600cc or larger displacement engine.
Cruize like a pro with our BBT longer ratios!

1493-052 Ring and Pinion 31/8 (3.88) – splined


 Our last production of wide decklid springs (up to 1955) content a badge of white zinc ones.
These are unique and we sell on a first come first serve base.

It is the only badge we will ever offer.
Our blackened wide engine lid springs HERE

2303-101 Engine lid spring galvanised – Beetle -04/55 ( – ch 1-869 850)



In our complete line of our SWT top quality metal parts for your beloved Volkswagen we bring you our own bumpers for your splitty bus.

We release the late model splitty front bumper.
Because of our own tooling and production, we can lower our prices dramatically.

This baby comes bare (without paint).
Do not forget to check out our other bumper offerings in the bumper section of our catalog HERE.

0012-600 Bumper front – Bus 09/58-07/67 (EURO) – Bare SWT


Available again the correct SG profile key blank.
Unfortunately, Volkswagen do not let us use their logo anymore.

Better a key without Volkswagen logo as no key at all.
Available from our shelves for immediate delivery.

0654-04 Key blank SG – Beetle 01/54-07/59, KG 08/55-07/67


Back in stock.
Better quality from our new production!

Important price decrease!
BBT cares about early beetles too.

Because we love them!

0408-020 Horn grills – Beetle -10/52 (pair)


BBT News team wishes you a relaxed weekend!

BBT News

You can have a good day,
You can have a bad day,
nothing we can change.

But we can try to make your day for the best,
with our never-ending search for good usable quality parts for your Classic volkswagen.

Welcome to BBT News.


Safari windows make your bus hyper cool.
Driving many miles in all-weather types with safari window is a challenge.

There are several qualities of safari window kits and parts.
We try to stock a wide range of economic and quality Safari window parts.

Today we add the safari window lock catches to secure your safaris well in closed position.
Lock catches bolts on top of your dashboard.

Outer catch being a little higher than the inner catch.
High quality reproduction.

All other BBT safari window kits and parts HERE

0397-013 Safari window lock catch outer (high) – Bus 03/55-07/67
0397-014 Safari window lock catch inner (low) – Bus 03/55-07/67


Besides the VDO and CB performance 2-way oil pressure/temperature sender adapter (HERE) we carry now also the brand new EMPI reincarnation of their 3-way oil pressure/temperature sender adapter.

EMPI brought back this period adapter to full fill all your oil pressure and temperature measuring desires.
Solid brass to guide temperature perfectly.

2600-110 Adapter for oil pressure and oil temperature sensor EMPI – 3-way


Big update for a small part.
A nice finish is in the details!

Lucky, we found NOS examples in the remains of Dieter Schmidt Lorenz last year.
We started (re)production right away.

We now bring you  all correct cargo door lock cover seals for Barndoor and Brazilian made split window buses.
Everywhere available as a flat cut out seal, BBT goes one step further.

We bring you back a nice, molded rubber with correct holes and small upright surrounding to fit perfectly around the edge of your lock cover.
The perfect form of the original rubber helps to keep water and dust away between lock cover and door.

The same seal fits also your single cab pick-up truck “butterfly” treasure chest lock cover up to 1966 model year BBT 0428-3

0723-7 Seal for key cover – Treasure chest door Bus -08/66, Cargo door Bus Brasil -75 BBT


For T25/T3/Vanagon we bring all three model fuel filler neck seals in a genuinely nice quality for a much lower price.
Attention wholesalers! We offer these rubbers with remarkable interesting quantity pricing.

Another proud BBT production available from our shelves.

0492-857 Seal filler neck (50/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92
0492-858 Seal filler neck (70/57.5mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92 – metal fillertube
0492-859 Seal filler neck (70/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92 – plastik fillertube


The BBT News team wish you a “good” weekend.

BBT News

It’s winter in Western Europe.
Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

It’s an extreme winter in Scandinavia.
Loads of snow, extremely freezing and too much ice.

It is almost spring weather in south of Spain.
BBT customers send us pictures from their lunch on their patio…

Nothing we can do about the weather.
But we can help with parts for your Classic Volkswagen.

This week again we have a couple of real cool releases for you lined up.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Most Bay Window Westfalia campers had always an unbelievable beautiful upholstery.
Beautiful, checkered colors, to match the woodgrain interiors.

As nothing last forever,  we now offer our brand new (re)production as a perfect replacement.
Several reproductions were already on the market, but nothing that could carry our interest.

We bring you bright colors, wear-resistant, economically priced and fire retardant.
That last one is especially important and even mandatory in camper vans.

This upholstery is specially woven for us and meets all our requirements.
We have a cool quantity breakdown on rolls of 50 meters.

But we sell also per running meter on a width of 150cm in all five original colors.
Logically, we will not accept returns for custom-delivered lengths.

Perfect to bring that scruffy interior back to factory standards.
Or are you creative enough to make accessories, cushions, purses or?

6460-200 Westfalia upholstery orange – Bus 08/67-07/79 (per metre) BBT
6460-210 Westfalia upholstery yellow/green – Bus 08/67-07/79 (per metre) BBT
6460-220 Westfalia upholstery green/green – Bus 08/67-07/79 (per metre) BBT
6460-230 Westfalia upholstery blue/green – Bus 08/67-07/79 (per metre) BBT
6460-240 Westfalia upholstery brown/beige – Bus 08/67-07/79 (per metre) BBT

Making tooling can be tricky…

This tooling was ordered over 10 years ago.
Major surprise when we got the phone call three months ago it was finally ready!

This plug sits in the lower part of the B pillar on all bay window buses and T25/T3/Vanagon.
It is meant to seal the holes after treating the cavities for corrosion prevention.

Easy installation. Four needed per car.
Insert the plug and tap the top in with a hammer.

The other plug for your Bay window B-Pillar & door step you find HERE
The white plugs in the rear corner of your Bay window HERE

0716-810 Plug in B-Pillar, lower – Bus 08/67-07/92 BBT




Totally unhappy with what was available we made our own valve cover gaskets.
Quality is a main issue, we teamed up with a very experienced cork gasket maker.

Testing being more important than producing we evaluated multiple samples on different test cars and engines over the last couple of years.
Perfect fit, to stay in place and no leaks that were our targets.

Several combinations later, changing the mixture of rubber, cork, density, and pressure temperatures we got the positive results we had been looking for.
Even without any sealer if  used in combination with BBT valve cover HERE and BBT valve cover clip HERE

Finally, a valve cover gasket our beloved Volkswagens deserved.
And because of the quantity produced we can offer at competitive prices with very cool quantity breakdowns, order yours now!

1770-01 Valve cover gasket – Type1 (top quality) BBT



BBT News team wishes you a cozy and warm winter weekend.