Gosep Classic Rally halted at BBT….

Ex BBT Gonzo organised a real cool classic rally last week, including a mandatory stop @ BBT HQ.

Some atmosphere pictures…..

The great Gonzo and his lovely wife Heidi behind the bar serving hot dogs and drinks!

Inside atmosphere was so cool… this was really a nice set of visitors!

Made in Belgium, renown artist Erwin Van Snick made this car in the sixties and drove it all over the place, a lot of history. very special.

Made with parts from a Citroen 2cv and…

…a VW split window beetle, do you recognise the rear window?

2CV’s came out in full force… nice chaps…..

another nice sunday…:)

BBT News

The week went by so quickly, I hope you enjoyed as much as we did! Working day in and out in what you love to do and where your total interests make days fly by, is that good or bad? Let’s call it good and don’t moan too much about it. Enough moaners around, so we will be the happy people. Very welcome to the Republic of Happy People.

….And we’re happy at the first place, because we have another big chunk of brand new and well fabricated parts to present to you this week!

Let’s start with our new production of steering box clamps for your Beetle and/or Karmann Ghia.

We punched the center holes for the notches on your front axle exactly like Volkswagen did back in the day.. one side for your Beetle (type 13) and the other side for your Karmann Ghia (type 14). 100% the same as what Volkswagen always delivered.

The offset between the two center holes is only a couple of degrees different and that gives a different angle to your steering column. For the Ghia lower, for the beetle higher. One part for two cars, Volkswagen was smart even back then! One part for two different cars!

We also used the same sort of steel as VW used to use, and we made it in the same thickness. Yes, it’s identical and interchangeable. You don’t have to worry about quality or fit, our reproduction part is simply perfect.

Will be available at every BBT distributor worldwide, ask for yours now, and beware for cheap wrong reproductions, that will only cost you money, hassle and a lot of time to straighten out. Think this is about your steering, You can’t take a risk here.

1368-010 Steering box mounting shackle Beetle

Next we present you the new references that came in for our silver weld through bus sheet metal program. As said before we don’t stop till we have every single panel for a Split window bus 55-67 available.

This week we got the rain gutters all sorted out.

The rain gutters come on to your A, B, C and D posts, and the connecting panels between all these posts. It’s properly spot welded on to this panels. Then come the braces from left to right (who are in development as we speak) welded to the rain gutters. To  place finally the roof panel as actually the last panel and spot weld the roof panel to the rain gutters, preferable with a sealer in between.

That’s how a bus roof construction is made, it differs quite a bit from the roof of your house, don’t you think?

As the rain gutters  have not been easy to sort out and remake the right part for the right type or year  bus, we decided to reproduce and release them all at once. Yes, that’s right!  All models and years 55 all the way up to 1967 now  available  from our stocks! Replace with the right model for the right year….Your bus will love you (and us)!

Imagine the number of tooling to produce these. All parts individually stamped on cast tooling, and assembled on professional jigs, That’s massive!!  So proud we have them ready now, this was a big challenge… Happy we brought this project to a good end and we can present you exactly as we had the intention to do.

Yihaa, don’t get wet from the drip and buy that BBT raingrip!

0890-869 Roof gutter front left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-870 Roof gutter front right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-875 Roof gutter left (for cargo doors) – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-876 Roof gutter right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-877 Roof gutter left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-878 Roof gutter right (for cargo doors) – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-881 Roof gutter rear left – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-882 Roof gutter rear right – Bus 08/63-07/67
0890-884 Roof gutter rear – Bus 08/63-07/67

Last for this week we thought about you, the real Type 3 lover.

From now on you don’t have to worry anymore to gas up either your Notch, Square- or Fastbacks.

BBT brings you the brand new gas door release cable in a very high quality for long-lasting. That gas door will jump open in a glimpse with this new release cable…

Exactly what your beloved car deserves. The best and no substitutes !

BBT loves Type3’s and this is how we show our love….:)

0933-100 Cable gas door – Type 3 08/68-


1629-13 Engle VZ-30 Camshaft
1629-26 Camshaft Engle FK-97T
1629-27 Camshaft Engle FK-98T

49,50 euro / pc excl.

That was it for this week, the developments don’t stop and we already have  new products and releases in the photo studio for next weeks BBT news, so stay tuned, every Friday!

Enjoy the weekend and be part of our Republic of Happy people, there are no politics nor borders, it’s just a mental community from people who do what they love to do and be damn good at it too! Cheers…:)