For sale; VW T5 Caravelle 5 seater commercial van in superb condition.

Alain got this van brand new as a company car in 2009, he always took good care as one can see… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the car except Alain is not working for BBT anymore, no new use, so this baby has to go…

Volkswagen transporter T5 Caravelle, long wheelbase, double door at the back, 5 seater commercial van 1.9l TDI 75kW (102Hp) 5 speed manual, drives like a jewel!

Comes with airco, tow hitch, radio CD player, ready where YOU want to go!

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Friday Product Update

This week we made a couple of BBT shop part numbers to general BBT part nrs, so everybody can buy  now through the total BBT network, fancy for VDO? Order yours now at your local VW dealer!

VDO don’t need any explanation I guess, we use these gauges already 35 years in our own cars…

2600-200 VDO Oilpressure contact 5 bar (double)
2600-210 VDO Oilpressure contact 10 bar (double)


2600-500 VDO Oilpressure gauge, “COCKPIT VISION” 5 bar (52 mm)


2601-500 VDO Oiltemperature gauge, “COCKPIT VISION” 50°-150° (52 mm)


2601-200 VDO Oil dip stick with temperature sensor

Product development, what are we doing now?? another roof production!!

We just finished the first hit tool for the split window single cab roof… we think that a LOT of single cabs need new roof as many have heavy damage from a long hard-working life…

We continue second (and finish) hit tool and hope to add this roof as fast as we can to our complete split window roof. This picture (and update) is mainly to show You we tooled up a complete new tooling for this roof and do not make “something” from the big split window roof tooling… we press them as it should, no compromise! Look how big the tooling is!!

Quality matters, at least for us….

if your desperate, just reserve yours already…  keep the reservations for you on this roof!