Pre-production samples Emergency brake levers received for splittie bus


Something we really wanted to make for a long time, but…
Well finally the moon fell onto our Radio Flyer (as we tend to say) and it all happened!

The factory chosen for this project produce over 10.000 E-brake handles a month!!
We started the reverse engineering from 100% NOS samples for accurate reproduction.

Both models will be available to span the entire year range from end of 1952 till 1967
Will be available soon as we approved these samples and production is started!

Another BBT exclusive in the worx!

BBT E-Brake handles for your beetle you find HERE

BBT News


We don’t mess up gas pipe lines in the Baltic Sea, neither can we tell you what Russia is up to next, now they seem to loose ground on the frontlines in Ukraine.

What we will bring you is our weekly news and product update to make our Volkswagen life a better one.
Welcome to our BBT News.

In development of a complete D-shape voltage regulator for pre 53 beetles and buses we finished the cover and offer it here already separately.
If your old cap has rust, dents or is simply missing we offer here the perfect replacement.

We paid tooling twice, because first tooling was too far of the original pressing for Bob so he preferred to start all over again.
This guarantees a correct visual aspect for a perfect replacement cover on your D-shape regulator.

After several test fittings we started production and are proud to offer the results here.
Complete D-regulators are in last steps of developments and will be soon available.

1951-405 Cover for D regulator -53

The existing BBT 6 volt regulator for 1954 and later models you can find HERE



Double cab pick-up trucksĀ  have their rear seat sitting on a pedestal.
We developed these pedestals in our Silver Weld Through program

Even they’re interchangeable, we decided to make both models.
Up to 1963 the front has a cut out and accepts an early front bench seat as BBT # 3400-200
1964-1979 is flat on top and accepts a barndoor front seat bench which we have in development.

For easy shipping we supply these folded down, nicely packed in a cardboard flat box, like an Ikea closet.
Some welding required for proper assembly.
Mounting tabs up to 1960 mount inwards, 1961 and later models mount outwards.

3400-550 Rear bench pedestal Double cab – Bus -07/63
3400-560 Rear bench pedestal Double cab – Bus 08/63-07/79

When you think you have everything , something always seems to pop up you didn’t thought about before.
This happened with our kick panel range.

We add now the last model to complete our full range of original versions.
The 1962 to 1964 model has cut outs for the late model (large) fuse box and late model (teardrop) headlight bowls, but no cut outs for the ventilation grills yet as later models tend to have.

0552-057 Kick panels – Bus 12/62-04/64 grey

Our complete line up of kick panels for your splitty bus HERE

We now offer a complete set of 50 pcs bolts and washers to mount your engine sheet metal.
These M6 x 10 bolts come with flat head for flat screw driver exactly as original.
Each set contains 50pcs screws and washer that will finish every engine job in style!

8000-100 Mounting kit for engine sheet metal (50 screw + washer)

The same set with Allan key bolts is already available HERE
Screws separately can be found HERE and washers HERE

Another production arrived from the very first item we ever reproduced.
We’ve been the first company who made those with conical ends both side, for easy push in your exhaust, and easy to slide on your cardboard heater hose.

Thousands sold each year.
Bought from the original manufacturer, check our quantity pricing!

1055 Connecting-pipe between exhaust and heater hose each

Raw material problems due to Covid set us without certain seals for a while.
Seal factory starts keeping up again.
Massive amounts back in stock.

1416 Seal main drive shaft

BBT News Team wishes you a splendid weekend.

BBT sponsors Team Nebo in Dutch championship Autocross.


Friend of Da Houze, technical advisor and manufacturer Eric decided he wanted to go back to his roots.

Leaving the steering wheel since 25 years he came up this season with a complete new team with three cars to battle the Dutch national champion ship Autocross.

Last Saturday yours truly visited the Dutch finals Autocross in Rosmalen to see BBT sponsor money was well spend.

We enjoyed every minute of it.