Varga TRW came in, after a too long delivery time…. but… BACK IN STOCK!

Some serious problems with ZF TRW Varga gave as way longer as normal delivery times, so we’re pretty happy they finally delivered first part of our (meanwhile) huge orders… we didn’t receive all yet, but at least we have some serious back orders covered now….

we have it all ready to deliver…yiiiihaaa.


1200 Master cylinder 19 mm Type 1 & Karmann Ghia -65 – single circuit / TRW

1228 Wheelbrake cylinder rear Type 2 72-92 / TRW

1368 Steering box 1200/1300 / TRW

1212 Front wheel brakecylinder 1302/1303 / TRW

1205-1 Master cylinder with servo Type 2 08/70-07/79 / TRW

1227 Rear wheel brake cylinder 22mm Type2 -71 / TRW

1201 Master cylinder 17 mm type 1 & type 14 65-67 – single circuit / TRW

Friday Product Update

This week we add several new items for your bus, especially for a type 4 engine, but also some “regular” bus necessities…

Let’s start with stuff almost any bus with type 4 engine needs, a brand new plastic mesh fan guard. Almost always broken or missing, it’s pretty important to keep big stuff out of our cooling system! Brand new and good quality available now, we have them ready for delivery

1909-250 Fan guard Type4


And even more important and especially practical is the timing scale for your Type 4 engine, perfect for the ignition timing, perfect for valve adjustment perfect for many things, a scale is always correct and can only help you. replace your missing and or broken scale now….

1909-260 Timing scale Type4


Poor idle? Bad cold start? Or just too high consumption? This elbow and T-piece are little naughty bastards that can cause you a lot of problems. with age they dare to crack and will give You a real bad behaviour…. we teamed up and can supply these now brand new!  Should be also a standard replacement at every engine rebuild!  Get yours now and save yourself a LOT of trouble….

2147-510 Vacuum elbow 90° Inlet manifold – Type4

2147-520 Vacuum T-piece Inlet manifold – Type4


Poor Hi and Low beams? These H5 headlight bulbs fit right in your regular bulb headlight fitting and is Halogen that gives You exactly the same light strength as a H4! That’s exactly the reason they call these H5 bulbs fake halogen bulbs… but in fact they aren’t fake, they’re real Halogen with a fake fitting…:)

Bright your nights, BBT show you the lights!

0661-27 Bulb H5 12Volt 60/55W (1)



No engine compartment is finished without these caps on your generator, they look so nice once fitted, and they always were original installed! the perfect finishing touch and the perfect protection for your generator connections, assures You a long generator life!

1960-500 Rubber boot for generator cable for connection D+ and DF 12Volt



The BBT Friday Product team wish You all a wonderfull weekend with loads of (VW) pleasure!

For sale; VW T5 Caravelle 5 seater commercial van in superb condition.

Alain got this van brand new as a company car in 2009, he always took good care as one can see… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the car except Alain is not working for BBT anymore, no new use, so this baby has to go…

Volkswagen transporter T5 Caravelle, long wheelbase, double door at the back, 5 seater commercial van 1.9l TDI 75kW (102Hp) 5 speed manual, drives like a jewel!

Comes with airco, tow hitch, radio CD player, ready where YOU want to go!

all further information, more pictures and price most simply to obtain on