Visit more suppliers in Brazil….

Off we went again, Jerry and yours truly to the land of Caipirinhia and Beef… Tudo bem and Bon Dia…. friendly people with always a smile on their face…

But the start wasn’t that good, my flight was canceled and before I knew i was rerouted over Lisbon, enteringĀ  a TAP Air Portugal airplane with a stop over in Lisbon… almost 22 hrs after I left home I arrived in the hotel, toasted…

Monday morning we start with a visit to one of our smaller sheet metal suppliers… pretty amazing operation….

Next a supplier of relais and switches…

Ever saw how they wind spools for relais?

For lunch we invited two other suppliers, one for carburetor rebuild kits, the other for pedal assemblies…

Real meat for real people… no, we’re not veggie yet…:)

Afternoon we visitedĀ  a distribution warehouse and an export house… not many fancy picture moments, but the size was pretty clear here!

….and off the hotel again… day one, 6 suppliers, let’s call it a night… 6 is enough on one day…. especially in Sao Paolo traffic!

Tomorrow we have three other factories, hopefully with interesting picture moments so you can all enjoy with us, stay tuned….:)

The Big Raffle @ Busses by the Bridge in Arizona

BBT donated this year a real Split window dashboard for Ronnies world-famous Raffle at the Busses at the Bridge show in Arizona….

Some teaser pictures from the raffle we like to share with you…..

Ronnie @ the mic… raffling off the BBT silver weld through dashboard….

This is the raffling crowd from Buses at the Bridge… the raffle is really quiet something!

A show we should visit next year for sure! stay tuned!

Sealed and delivered!

Benno took delivery of our patina oval window beetle.

He bought the beauty, we delivered it for him to Switzerland….

Thanks Benno and lots of success with this beautiful patina creation!

Fancy one of our cars? Check out our current inventory on

Tempo Matador Research…

When a customer asked me with assistance to find information about the Tempo Matador from his grand dad he send me this cool picture…

Anybody that has information about this baby plse let me know, we can make somebody real happy!

Or if You know another Tempo Matador for sale (with high headlights and VW engine) we will reward you too!

Send in all your information… Thank You.