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Today, Friday September 29, is the day of the heart.
Medical heart problems, and how to prevent.

Important stuff, as our heart is the engine of our body.
Mental we cannot hide our heart beats for our Volkswagen passion.

For BBT it goes even further.
Our passion is to get all Volkswagen and their owners correct parts.

Correct parts to keep or make your Volkswagen in top condition.
Correct parts are what makes our heart beats faster.

Welcome to BBT News.

Deluxe buses had an extra trim with rubber insert, now available from BBT.
These rubbers prevent (bumper) paint damage by small collisions.

For split window buses we deliver bumper trim for 1958 on.
Sorry, no pressed bumper trim (yet).

Several models to choose from both for Euro and US style bumpers.
US style bumpers have shorter trim to fit with the overriders.

Volkswagen made a special trim for the rear 1967 only diamond cut bumper, so did we.
Front bumper trim ends pointed for all years, the same for all splits 1959 on.

For Bay window the profile of aluminum changed (optical) slightly for the 1970 model year.
We supply the 70-72 bumper trim what fit 68-69 buses as well.

BBT Bumper trim is front, or rear supplied by the pair (left and right side).
For 1973 model year bumpers changed, able to accept a full-length impact strip HERE

BBT is a large distributor for IGP sheet metal.
We do stock floorplates, fenders and many more IGP body parts.

Due to better shipping rates, affordable exchange rates and a better product flow we have been able to lower the price for most IGP products.
As proud official warehouse distributor of the IGP brand we are authorized to watermark our catalog pictures with the IGP logo.

Full IGP range @ BBT you find HERE

With over three hundred suppliers we have arrivals every day @ BBT HQ.
Every week we give you a small update what long time back orders been back available.

0521-100 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 08/55-12/64, Type3 -01/65 Black

0650 6 volt horn

1208-450 Brake booster – Bus 08/70-12/73

1257-130 Brakefluid reservoir on the master cylinder – Beetle/KG 08/66-, Bus 04/79-07/82 (without Servo)

1570 Flywheel 200mm 12V standard

The BBT News Team wish you a peaceful weekend.
Keep that VW heartbeat rockin’!

BBT News

Don’t we all like the lilliput beating the giant?
Isn’t that the reason we all want Ukraine wins from Russia?

The story of David and Goliath ….
The little humble Volkswagen beetle which beats the big American muscle cars.

We  love our Volkswagens and with a reason.
For BBT our love translates directly into more and better parts.

This week we have some serious new launches.
Welcome to the BBT News.

Is the emergency brake handle of your split window bus in poor condition?
Emergency brake handles on T1 buses are not engineered for eternity.

We have the solution with our new line of emergency brake handles for your splittie bus.
With three models to choose from.

52-59 handles stand under an angle to create space for your right knee for LHD buses.

1960 only handles stand straight, the floor changed before the new handle made its entry.
The new bracket on the new model cab floor made the handle sits straighter.
Although practically the same as the earlier versio, the angle of the cable receiver is different.

61-67 handles  have the connector for the cable to the handle inside the cabin.
These handles sit dead straight to the cab floor.

1960 only and 61-67 models can be both used for LHD as RHD buses.

Cable receiver pin for the 61-67 model is not included but can be found HERE
Find our emergency brake handle family HERE

Next development; BBT T1 stock shifters will be launched soon!

0521-205 Emergency brake handle kit – Bus 12/52-08/59 BBT
0521-210 Emergency brake handle kit – Bus 08/59-05/60 BBT
0521-220 Emergency brake handle kit – Bus 06/60-07/67 BBT


Small seals are BBT’s specialty.
Today we enlarge again our program.

This seal will fit your license light lens on all late model beetles.
Will also fit all Type 3 Notchback and Fastback models.
Will not fit Type 3 Square back nor Type 34 Ghia.

Complete license light lens kit you can find HERE
License light lens seals for early model beetle up to 1963 HERE

0749-130 License plate light seal – Beetle 08/63-, Type3 Fastback/Notchback

Everywhere fuel lines or electric wire go through, metal rubber grommets are mandatory.

Today we add the rubber grommet to protect your 8mm fuel line or electric wire.
Originally used to guide the fuel line through your tinware on a 25Hp engine.

We see it also used for high performance engine used to pass the tinware or firewall.
Protect that fuel line or electric wire preventing fire big time.

We saw disasters on cars with not properly placed grommets more as we wanted to see.
Don’t delay, place those rubber grommets today.

Rubber grommets for 6mm fuel lines and electric wires can be found HERE

0969-208 Rubber fuel line through engine tinware – 8mm



0529-100 Chassis sound dampening set (4) – Beetle


2099 Ignition wire set Type4 – w/ Bakelite brown connectors


1603-1 Wrist pin bushing 1200cc (20mm)


1748 Intake valves 13/1600cc dualport, 15/1600cc single port

Beat that giant and enjoy your weekend.

BBT News

Do we know how lucky we are?
After the floods in Greece and south Brazil there was storms and an earthquake in North Africa.

Every week the world is shocked by new natural disasters.
Living in an “safe” area you cannot take for granted.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict what nature has in store for us.
But what we do can tell you is what is new this week @ BBT.

Welcome to BBT News.

T25/T25/Vanagon lovers we start for you this week.
if your rear corners are rusty only up to the seem you do not have to buy a complete corner anymore.

We do stock now 8cm high lower repair panel for your rear corner.
Difficult little piece to form yourself we give the perfect solution.

Together BBT # 0892-360 & -361 and BBT # 0892-370 & -371 you can repair this rust sensitive area the easy way.

0892-366 Lower rear corner repair (8cm) left – Bus 05/79-08/92
0892-367 Lower rear corner repair (8cm) right – Bus 05/79-08/92


U channels sitting in your vent wing frame on your beetle sedan where your door roll up window slides should be 9mm wide up to 1964.
For 1965 and later beetle sedans this widens here up to 11mm.

Convertible beetles always used the 9mm wide profile from 1952 up to end of production.
For years we do supply these channels in a nice decent German made quality.

We add now the correct length for the early beetle sedan now to avoid waste.

BBT # 0349-050 is 580 mm long and 9mm wide for Beetle sedan 52-64
BBT # 0349-1 is 580mm long and 11mm wide for Beetle sedan 65-
BBT # 7034 is 800mm long and 9mm wide for Beetle convertible all years.

0349-050 Windowfelt quarterlight – Beetle 08/52-07/64, Type3 04/61/07/65 (pair)





We could convince SACHS to run a private production for the 180mm clutch disc pressure plate.
For now we received the 180mm pressure plate without collar fresh from production.

Without collar pressure plates is only used on transmissions with pilot guide for your release bearing.
We work hard to get the 180mm with collar for non guided release bearing produced any time soon.

Other SACHS items produced for BBT

BBT # 1500 180mm Clutch disc
BBT # 1501 200mm Clutch disc

BBT # 1510 200mm Pressure plate without collar for guided release bearing.
BBT # 1511 200mm pressure plate with collar for non-guided release bearing

Huge quantity on the shelves as we have to swallow full production runs.
Buy yours now!

1514 Pressure plate 180mm without collar



Together with the pressure plate above we got our new full production run for the 200 mm clutch disc.

1501 Clutch disc 200mm 1600cc


The BBT News team wish you a wonderfull weekend, don’t forget to clutch and remember that you are lucky living in a country where we can enjoy our classic car hobby!

BBT News

Can you feel the force?
A pop song by British soul group The Real Thing,

Released as a single on 26 January 1979.
It became an instant hit.

Google it, it is a cool disco song.
We feel the force too.

From all corners of our VW world the “force” is working.
The VW hobby only becomes bigger and bigger.

It does not stop, it’s only growing.
We help where we can.

New and better parts, always.
Presented here and now as each Friday.

Welcome to the BBT News.

We add another roof to our VW bus roof line.
We also add the complete Samba roof.

This roof comes complete with rain gutters, strengthening bows, fresh air box and skylight pressings with their correct inner reinforcements.

It is a great extra roof in our complete roof line up HERE

Nobody stocks more roofs than BBT, nobody.
Because we make them….

0890-802-2 Complete Roof samba/deluxe – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT


A perfect fit to your new roof?
Or just a replacement of your old scruffy faded ones?

Or just missing as in so many buses?
We release the hardboard sunvisors for early Deluxe buses.

Original used from 1955 up to 1959 when replaced by the padded ones.
Of course fits in every year T1 bus for that cool effect.

So much nicer than padded visors.
Finished in durable hardboard in correct grain.

All metal parts are made in highly polished high grade stainless steel.
Sold per pair in ivory or grey color.

All our bus sun visors found HERE

0560-005 Sunvisors ‘Deluxe’ brown – Bus 03/55-07/58 (pair)
0560-006 Sunvisors ‘Deluxe’ grey – Bus 03/55-07/58 (pair)


Unhappy with  the inferior quality on the market we decided to tool up and made our own late model fuel cap.

We made them with a decent lock that locks well and does not fall out.
Also, enough windings make them fit as an original.

Proudly packed in its custom designed BBT Box.
We have plenty stock and attractive quality pricing.

We are working on more fuel caps, will be continued.

0491-01 Fuel cap screw with lock – Beetle 01/72-, KG 09/71-, Type3 01/72- BBT


Huge shipment of Silver weld through panels came in.

0890-994 Frontpanel – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT

0890-681 D-pillar gusset left – Bus -07/63 SWT
0890-682 D-pillar gusset right – Bus -07/63 SWT



0890-62L Chassis outrigger rear left – Bus -12/59 SWT
0890-62R Chassis outrigger rear right – Bus -12/59 SWT

Do you feel the force? We certainly do!
The BBT news team wishes you a funky weekend!

BBT News

On September 1 schools start back in Belgium after the summer holidays.
It is like the whole country awakens from a deep summer sleep.

Do you suffer the August blues?
Volkswagen people don’t need those mental traps.

Looking at our cars can be enough to create our holiday feelings!
Let us help you to enjoy that (VW) holiday even better.

More and better parts.
Welcome to the BBT News!

We tooled up to bring you the perfect deformation panel behind the front bumper of your late bay window bus.

The Brazilian model ,which is/was available, has a round shape in the front.
This because they use early bay window bumper profiles.

European buses need a nice flat front deformation panel.

We make them exactly like original.
2,5mm thick steel and one piece deep pressed.

During research and development, we found out there is a 1973 only model as well!
No VW parts book or microfiche mentions this.

The difference you can see if yours has flat or upright ends.
We bring you both as your bus deserves nothing less than a correct restoration.

The 74-79 separate end pieces available HERE
The 1973 seperate end pieces will be available soon.

Get yours now!

0891-219 Deformation panel front bumper – Bus 08/72-07/73
0891-220 Deformation panel front bumper – Bus 08/73-07/79

74-79 sold out already, new production is running.
We’re happy to take you reservations.


Let us get this straight.
Our factory used a wrong protection film at our first production.

The film was too sticky and very hard to remove.
After we found out we made a new production run.

We destroyed all mirrors with bad protection film.
We supply only the good ones from now on!

0457 Mirror oval right, long arm – Beetle -07/67
0457-010 Mirror oval right, short arm – Beetle -07/67



1569-100 Flywheel 25-30hp – 180mm – lightened
1574-200 Flywheel 200 mm Type4 engine > Type1 gearbox
1574-215 Flywheel 215 mm


0642 Tail light lens European Karmann Ghia 08/59-07/69


0413-6 Wirbulator


0616-300 Front indicator lens orange – TQ – Karmann Ghia 11/58-10/63

BBT NEWS team wishes you a super cool back to school weekend.
Enjoy that VW!