Kiel Germany, back in the day, on the street and in, the junkyards…

Recently we got a bunch of super cool pictures from Kiel Germany from long ago, real cool street views and junkyard pictures, off course with a bunch of our aircooled favorites, enjoy!

Find the seven beetles in this picture…:)

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (7)_resized1015-fotos_8227_resized13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (6)_resized1015-fotos_8221_resized

Oval window or single cab?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (5)_resized1015-fotos_8220_resized

Crewcab anyone?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (4)_resized

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (3)_resized


How many barndoors in the picture below?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (2)_resized

I have the impression checking in these pictures, that all that was scrapped in those days is way better as all we have now, ….:)

Friday Product Update

Very welcome @ this week’s Friday Product Update. This week was a very exciting one. We never ever saw more suppliers in a couple of days than this week. Very good contacts, very good prognosis and very good friendship we saw it all, for those who read this and we’ve meated; Thank you for being BBT’s supplier and hopefully we can continue to grow to one another to serve our market better and make the Volkswagen market a better one!

We have a couple of new items to show to you, that we thought they where interesting to get in our range…


First we like to show you the missing links. As you know we like to have a complete program. So we’re proud that we have now all lock sets with matching keys for all split window buses from 1955 all the way up to 1967.

The lock sets contain all the locks operated by the same key for all locks of your model year including the ignition lock.

These two missing ones have been added and are ready for delivery.

Go for one key solution now!

0425-925 Lock set – Bus 12/63-08/66

0425-930 Lock set – Bus 08/66-07/67

Other available lock sets for split window bus are ;

#0425-905 for 03/55 up to 07/58

#0425-910 for 08/58 up to 12/60

#0425-915 for 01/61 up to 07/63

#0425-920 for 07/63 up to 12/63



Another thing that we especially selected for you is the chrome bezel for the 1968 up to 1974 Euro Beetle taillight, or the church window type taillight as we call it in our native tongue.

We choose the best available quality on the market and are very proud to present this one here. Beware for cheaper inferior quality imitations….:)


0680-5 Chrome taillight bezel – Beetle 08/67-07/73, 1302



Finally back in stock after too long unavailability. The brake adjusting gear is back to stay!

1239-91 Brake adjusting gear



Carpet floor mats 4pcs T1 convertible 55-

#W670-34-M1321-701 black   € 47.25 excl.

#W670-34-M1321-727 grey    € 47.25 excl.



Kick panels T2 64-67 grey (front)

#W670-10-2111-16   € 67.50 excl.

BBT FPU team wishes you all a very relaxed weekend, get those batteries loaded for another exciting week to come in the magic world of Volkswagen!

FLASH! Product update; Ring and Pinion 3.88 (Keyed) Back in stock now at unbeatable prices!

We just received a full load of 3.88 (8:31) Rings & Pinions to make your freeway flyer transmissions. 

We bought the entire stock from the company that used to make them for Volkswagen, proven quality! And we priced them way lower as anybody else in the entire market!

Best price , Best quality! 

Get yours now!! 



1493-050 Ring and Pinion 3.88 (Keyed)