BBT “flies” @ 166MPH together with VW Heroe Darrell Vittone and his insane Karmann Ghia! !

Darrell Vittone (son of original Empi founder Joe Vittone for those who don’t know) attacks the land speed records in the 36 Hp class last couple of years and he does very succesful!

It’s no secret Darrell and Bob (from BBT Belgium) coming along very well with each other. So when Darrell asked Bob for some rare parts to make his Ghia running top^level again Bob was all help and supplied the necessary. This made Darrell such happy he prompt decorated his Ghia Doors with huge BBT stickers!!

Together we flew last Saturday morning (the BBT stickers and Darrell that is) @ 166mph over the dry lake race track and so Darrell broke his previous record of 162mph and stay absolutely world champion in this class!

Some atmosphere pictures!!

darrell Vittone! 2 _resized

Top 36 HP engine based on an early 25hp engine case delivered by BBT!

darrell Vittone!_resized

Dailing in like it should!! A work of art!! Darrell and his team are the best, or maybe even better as the best!!


Approved BBT quality, flies along top speeds!


super cool car, super cool parts, super cool performance!!


Darrell you’re a heroe for many of us! Please continue to do what you do, we just love it!!!


Out of the old box….

Many years ago I was pictured with my then distributors on the island of Corsica…Christophe and Marie Antoinette….

Left You see my beetle “The Bugweiser” I drove it all over Europe to establish my business!

2018-03-08 17.16.19_resized.jpg

Those where the days!

2018-03-08 18.07.10_resized.jpg


Friday Product Update

This week we like to introduce these fine parts to rebuild your pedals on your early bus. We think that we  can rebuild almost all pedalsets in early buses with these parts and make them operate smoothly again as if they were new!  Go for smooth pedal operation and give that old scruffy hard push pedal assembly a new life!

0276-500 Pedal bushing set – Bus 02/55-07/67

0276-505 mounting kit brake pedal bolt – Bus 02/55-07/67

0276-510 Brake pedal bolt – Bus 02/55-07/67

These two products came back in after a longer as normal delivery time… but are available back from our shelves.

9515 Mesh air cleaner IDF/ DRLA 36 – 48

9591 Replacement shifter boot, eliminator shifter

67- headliner white vinyl, beetle Sedan 111-506V-WH
€ 91.00 excl.

Headliner white Type 1 ’61-‘62 VW4-HDL1003
€ 100.00 excl.

0385-070 Lower front header bow for sunroof Type 1 -55
€ 180.00/excl.

0386-415 Lower front header bow for sunroof Type 2
€ 166.50/excl.

The BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather!

The “catch” of this trip….

While flying home  (and be in the plane more than likely when You read this) I show my “catch” from this trip…

From over a hundred cars inspected i only bought 4 this trip, I was picky and the price are very high over here, sometimes even higher as home! While the quality of the cars, well… off course, don’t get any better…

three in a row..._resized.jpg

First I bought this 1960 Karmann Ghia, very solid, (except for floors and engine lid) and 1968 Squareback…

We can sell both cars as is or we can add the magic BBT touch (detail) to it.

Both are perfect untouched “barn finds” , real Virgin Outlaws, and can be very very well mechanical restored and act like beautiful patina survivors!

how it was found...._resized

Secondly I had this 1958 Panel van, with faded logo’s! Needs some TLC but it was smiling, and as You know I crack for something that’s friendly to me…:)


And last but not least I gonna drag this uber cool Type 34 Ghia home… Pigali edition, white with a complete red interior that is.

More rare as rare, if not unique!

Hit in the front in 1980 and indoors stored ever since! The interior is to die for!

2018-04-11 21.49.27_resized.jpg

That was it… I have to move my lazy ass home now and get back to work in the BBT office.. 🙂