For sale; Original FAMAG Autobox, a real fifties “Käfergarage”

Hereby we do offer an original Famag Autobox, a real käfergarage as You see them advertised in the old German car magazines…

2017-12-04 16.51.08_resized

This baby is all restored, the frame and mechanism is all original and in perfect shape. The outer (metal) sheetpanels are replaced with zincplated  steel plates to avoid any further corrosion… this can be painted if you like to, or just leave it “as is”…

2017-12-04 16.53.56_resized

This Autobox is fully operational, the big rear door opens with just one simple step on of both pedals, situated one on each door…

2017-12-04 16.55.23_resized

Period publicity looked like this

2017-11-04 16.22.45_resized

2017-12-04 16.55.58_resized2017-12-04 16.56.52_resized2017-12-04 16.57.00_resized

Even the hinges are still the original!

2017-12-04 16.57.29_resized2017-12-04 16.58.33_resized

How cool looks a beetle inside this? This should be fit in any VW shop, museum or  any garden!!

2017-12-04 16.59.27_resized

as far as we could figure out there was only two different models made in germany, this Famag brand and the “Lilybox” as we have in our private collection. also some Swedish manufacturers but they used wood as far as we could determine, what the change on survivors will be little… as far as we know till now, this is the only Famag that survived!

2017-12-04 17.00.20_resized

Nice shed inside! and handy too!

2017-12-04 17.01.08_resized2017-12-04 17.02.53_resized2017-12-04 17.03.41_resized

one more old shot out of an original brochure….


Can be transported either on a car trailer or we can ship by truck, boat, or airplane,


we ship worldwide without any hassle… don’t let this weird and unique gem not disappear…

Contact us today for more information and or price…



Progress on our bus panels… we’re almost there!

Our final goal is to have about single panel for a VW split window bus that ever existed and VW used to build their bodies together. we’re getting close. Our stamping development plants are running overtime…:)

We want it all as original, so properly stamped, no hand jobs, several companies tried this before, and our question was if we would succeed when we started a couple of years ago, but we’re running full force now and as You can see this project is getting there…

All You see is freshly new-made panels on brand new professional cast tooling! None original part or used part was used to make this picture, no photo shop (except for fading the back grounds) this is how far our project developed till now!

Busbody 01_resized

Busbody 02_resized

Busbody 03_resized

Busbody 04_resized

Last week particularly we worked on the front windshield frames…

ft windshield post 2_resized


ft windshield post_resized

and we shipped the first batch of our front panels… best fit on planet earth!!


and the rear corners came in @ BBT HQ for test fitting ….


This week we will continue bumpers and many more parts, all get there!