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BBT @ Antwerp regional broadcast channel… The movie!

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For those who missed it, Check out the BBT crew performance @ ATV with Antwerp@work presented by Line Ooms.

BBT’s performance starts around 04:00,  but until then you’ll learn everything about fruits and vegetables…

In case there’s no image visible… Click HERE to discover the full movie.

Wir stellen aus!

Yes you got that right, BBT will be exhibiting with our car department  at the Bremen Classik Motorshow, in Bremen Germany from January 31st till February 2nd!

Do you plan a visit to this massive oldtimer event? Visit our booth at Hall 5. row 5 booth B21, or just look for our massive banner! Our booth is 100 m2 and will host 6 top cars from the BBT collection for sale!

All further information for this show can be found HERE.

BBT’s new banner….

We received our new banner the other day for the car shows in 2014 where we will set up a  BBT booth…

5.00 metres by 1.60 metres, not exactly small… Do you think you will recognise it?

What will be the first exhibition where we will show this? hmmmmm…..

Stay tuned to BBT Blog for further updates… it will be MASSIVE!

Coming soon…. hmmm yammie!

The end of the Kombi…?

Another article about the end of the Bay window from a Brazilian News paper……..

The title says “Kombi Fui” what translates as Kombi I’m gone……



The end of a saga… VW turns another page of history… leaving us to even care more for our cars…


Visit from BeCombi @ BBT

becombiBe happy! Be VW Combi! is their vision with Sébastien as one of the driving forces behind this initiative. Their well structured website and blog offers you a lot of nice stories (French) and even more beautiful pictures!

The 29th of November, Sébastien came along @ BBT to have a chat and guided visit from Bob. The story from this meeting can be viewed on the BeCombi Blog!