Product update

Friday Product Update

Finally we’re able to supply new blank keys in exact original model with VW logo and with VW license!!! No substitute to your original! This is the key You need…

Order yours now from our stocks!!!

0654-04 Sleutel blank SG – Kever 01/54-07/59, KG 08/55-07/67
0654-06 Sleutel blank SV – Kever 08/60-07/66
0654-08 Sleutel blank SU – Kever 08/60-07/66
0654-10 Sleutel blank M – Kever 08/70-, KG 08/70-07/74, Type3 08/70-07/73
0654-22 Sleutel blank E,Z,D,V,F – Bus 50-63
0654-24 Sleutel blank L – Bus 08/67-07/70, Type181 08/69-07/70
0654-25 Sleutel blank R – Bus 08/70-07/79, Type181 08/70-01/82


This is the little seal that fits between the door handle and the door it selves on sliding doors from your beloved T25/T3/Vanagon bus. finish that car like it should and give it the good looks (and protection!) with these little necessary seals….. both models available.

0723-620  Seal under outer sliding door handle – Bus 05/79-07/84




0723-630  Seal under outer sliding door handle – Bus 08/84-07/92



Secure and protect the ball joints from your T25/T3/Vanagon Bus like it should! We supply the correct brand new bolts to do so!  We sell them by the pair!

1331-251  Bolts for upper ball joint (pair) – Bus 05/79-08/92

BBT FPU team wish you a supercool and smooth weekend!

Friday Product Update

This neat little accessory was original installed in your Deluxe bus from 1955 up to 1963, this little cute extra always intrigued me strongly as it was almost always broken or missing, I tried to collect as many as I came across over the years but never came very far! Finally we have these back available so You can finish that beautiful interior in style!

0784-740  Coat hook Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63


Our ever-expanding range of white wall rings enlarged with this ubercool wide white wall… for all of your 16 inch tyre guru’s… check out our complete line of white walls HERE

2539-916  White wall ring (BIG) 16″ (4 piece)


High demand made us search High and Low to find these quality lifters… More Type 4 engines reach our shores and demand for Type 4 engine parts is on the rise, BBT try to help pieces.  our trusty customers to enlarge the range of Type 4 engine parts, these OE replacement hydraulic lifters being a nice add-on to our ever-growing type product line!

We sell them in a set of  8 pieces.

1634-100  Lifterkit hydraulic – Type 4 / WBX / CT/CZ (8 pieces)


The back of your generator hold your cooling fan, or at least that’s on your Type 1 engine that way. We offer now the nut that holds the fan in place on your generator! Very special designed nut that VW used almost forever on all Type 1 engines. get your replacement now.

2209-104  Nut cooling fan – Type1 engine


Our German rubber manufacturer delivered some of our back orders and so we have these kits back available now!

0336  Windowrubberkit  ‘old type Deluxe’ 58-64
0339  Windowrubberkit ‘new type Deluxe’ 1303

BBT FPU team wish you all a very lay back weekend!

Friday Product Update

After Bugpack was sold to Empi we came to the end of our economic header system from Bugpack after going through all of our stocks. Because Empi do not supply the quality we liked we teamed up with Tri-Mil for a good quality-price sports exhaust line in our economic range. Tri-Mil is a long time in existence exhaust manufacturer and is very happy they have with BBT now a very strong distributor for the European market.

We have the most common and asked for models in stock now, ready for immediate delivery…

3290-100  Exhaust Type 1 – 4 in 1 header for 1300-1600cc – Tri-Mil


3290-200  Single muffler Quiet pack – Tri-Mil


3290-220  Muffler ‘California’ – Tri-Mil


3290-500 Ceramic Type 1 4 in 1 header + S.Q.P. muffler 13/1600 – Tri-Mil


The new Airmighty is out! Order yours now!

9496-26  Airmighty 26


We got the floorpans for the Karmann Ghia (Type 14) and 181 back in stock! Order yours now!

0889-25 Half floor pan, left


0889-26 Half floor pan, right

The BBT FPU team wish You a well deserved relaxed weekend!

Friday Product Update


This week we add this perfect Battery brackets for your bay window. Keeping your battery nicely secured in place is not only mandatory by law, it also helps to the long life of your battery, and prevent from short circuits and such! so more important as You might think at first it is. To secure the battery you need the proper bracket, well now as for tha bay window bus we can offer the perfect solution….

0891-478 Battery bracket top – Bus 08/69-07/79 Auto Craft


0891-479 Battery bracket below – Bus 08/69-07/79 Auto Craft

Shine…. shine the light! Now also with 6 volts!!! Bright light from this incredible “Fake” Halogen “H4” bulb to ft your original headlights! Now we finally can see where we drive also in dark….:)

Sold each.

0661-155 Bulb 6 Volt H4 60/55W


Friday Product Update

This week we added some new items from Flat4 to our product lines….

These Banjo horn buttons are exactly like original, a super cool add-on for the Flat4 Banjo steering wheel!

9583-000 F4 Horn button for Banjo steering wheel – Ivory


9583-010  F4 Horn button for Banjo steering wheel – Black


….and these state of the art beauty rings are just marvelous! Fit perfect and look exactly the real deal, exactly like original accessories beauty rings from back in the day! Top quality from Flat 4 from Tokio Japan!

Dress your baby now!

2535-100 F4 Beauty rings Beetle (set of 4 pcs) 10/52-07/65


The unbearable super small super easy little tool is back!

1150 Wheel cap puller


The chrome windshield washer jet came also back in stock since longer unavailability! Now back available again from your nearest BBT dealer!

2450-100  Windshield washer jet, chrome T1 08/58-08/72