Product update

Friday Product Update! Mc Pherson strut housings and IRS trailing arms now in stock, ready for delivery!

From sunny California where rust is not a main issue we brought a large amount of 1302/03 Mc Pherson struts and IRS rear trailing arms.

We have all models in stock now… nicely sorted out with part numbers  easy for You to order the right parts!

Replace your rusted out strut or trailing arm with these solid used original VW parts!


1454-202 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left single leafspring (used)

1454-203 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ right single leafspring (used)

1454-200  Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left double leafspring (used)



1454-201  Trailing arm right double leafspring ‘IRS’ (used)


1386-000  Strut Super Beetle left -07/73 (used)

1386-100  Strut left  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-010  Strut Super Beetle right -07/73 (used)

1386-110  Strut right  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-190  Suspension spring  Super Beetle (used)





Friday Product Update

This bleeder valveYou can find on your Vanagon T25/T3 bus when it’s powered by a WBX engine (wasserboxer). It connect all of your water hoses on top of your engine, and “bleeds” all air out of your water circuit… the quality of Plastic from the eighties wasn’t that great and most of these valves are broken or about to be, so we ‘re proud we can offer this part now in a superior as original quality to keep your WBX Vanagon on the road for many years to come! Now availble from a BBT distributor near you!

4253-200  Coolant bleeder valve 1900cc WBX – Bus 04/83-07/85


T25/T3 vanagon buses are important to us, and vent wings should be able to get locked in these winter months, therefore we offer now brand new vent wing locks to close that vent wing properly and like original! get yours now from the BBT distributor in your neighbourhood!

0517-250 Ventwing lock left – Bus 05/79-07/92
OEM: 171 837 658A


0517-251 Ventwing lock right – Bus 05/79-07/92
OEM: 171 837 658A


After the speedo was the fuel gauge undoubtedly the best invention on your dashboard…. without gas your car don’t drive!…. We’re very proud we can offer now the grey face fuel gauge for your beloved early bay window bus. Many times these get broken, or the resistance just burns! This is your change now to grab a new one… from the BBT distributor in your neighbourhood….

2655-200 Fuel gauge (grey) Bus 08/67-03/73
OEM: 211 957 063




0012-700 Bumper front 3-pieces Type 2 08/67-07/72 (black)
0012-710 Bumper front center piece Type 2 08/67-07/72 (black)
0012-715 Bumper front left part Type 2 08/67-07/72 (black)
0012-720 Bumper front right part Type 2 08/67-07/72 (black)



0012-701 Bumper front 3-pieces – Chrome Type 2 08/67-07/72


0013-700 Bumper rear – black – Type 2 08/67-07/71

0013-705 Bumper rear – Chrome – Typ2 08/67-07/71


0013-710 Bumper rear – black – Type 2 08/71-07/72


0013-715 Bumper rear – Chrome – Type 2 08/71-07/72




Friday Product Update

This week we have a couple of new products we like to bring to your attention.

Let’s start with these brand new sunvisors, used sun visors are always dirty , bend and deformed, or simply missing! Most sunvisors we stock for You longer time already. Click here. Now we extended our BBT line of sunvisors with these perfect and very original quality looking sunvisors for all T3 buses and pick ups…. get that vanagon, T25 or T3 or whatever you want to call it that brand new pair sunvisors it deserves, your interior look so different at once installing these, sold per pair….

0560-900  Sunvisor Bus 05/79-07/92 , white, pair


The inside window scrapers been attached in every bay window bus doors with these clips. The originals been mostly completely deformed after dismantling  so You will need replacement. We, @ BBT, offer now the perfect quality replacement  with the only right model of wiring to get a perfect fit… anything else will NOT fit properly, period.  ready on our shelves for delivery to you!

7527-500  Clip Inside window scraper – Bus 08/67-07/79


We used to sell the hog ring kit including pliers for a longer time under BBT ref 1160-000, but once You have the pliers You will only need the hog rings to place the seat covers on Your beloved Volkswagen. So from today you can also these set of hog rings separately, without the pliers.  We sell them in sets of 50 pcs.

1160-100  Hog Rings (50 pieces)


Wowh! This looks like a big rubber in the picture but in fact its the small round rubber between your door handle and sliding door on your late bay window. Fits all models that has the key barrel under the handle (Key lock not integrated inside the handle) gives a nice touch and protect your body and paint, a must have and must install on any of your late bay window buses… 

0723-610 Seal under outer sliding door handle – Bus 8/73-7/79



Improved Quality !!

We got our new production of the perfect oil cap seal received! Real cork with the right proportion cork/rubber. Stop your oil cap from leaking with this replacement seal where You keep your original VW logo cap, and only replace this cool cork seal for a perfect fit and perfect optimum density. Fits all type 1 VW engines that use the aluminum  oil cap.

1847-250  Oil cap seal 12/1600cc Type 1 -79




Friday Product Update


This brake mounting kit brings You all the hardware to replace all rusty and worn springs and clips to mount the brake shoes like it should. This kit fits all beetles and Ghia’s up to October 1957 in the front and all oval era beetles and Karmann Ghias from October 1953 up to October 1957 in the rear. One kit contain all your need for one axle (2 wheels).

1239-040  Brakespringkit front Beetle -11/57 + rear 11/53-10/57


This is the outer (metal) frame for the side window of your split window bus. You will need this to replace rusted out metal window surrounding or if You want to build more windows in your beloved kombi. A must when You want to go from a 11 window to a 13 of 15 window or if You like to transform a 11 window kombi into a so much desired 21 window samba You will need this metal piece to build in that extra needed pair of side windows.

0890-231  Side window outer repair panel / complete for 1 window Bus -07/67


This is the inner metal for the side windows of your split window bus, it comes for two windows at once in one piece! If You want to make more windows in your bus or convert your panel van into a window bus You will simply need this. Perfect fit guaranteed produced by an industry leading manufacturer.

0890-235  Side window inner repair panel / complete for 2 windows Bus -07/67

Classic VW Tech 7 is out now! This next issue in the essential Classic VW tech series of tech manuals for your beloved VW brings all technical information and data for your engine overhaul. What to look for, how to measure, tolerances and what parts to use and replace all in one easy going and very well build up manual. VW tech series only comes in Dutch languages.

9495-TECH7 Boxertje Tech 7

Friday Product Update

New Product Badge

Between the heaterboxes of your engine and the tube where the engine produced heat goes into the body of your beloved VW there is a flexible tube, flexible because it should not bring the engine vibrations to your body (that would be a nightmare to drive…:)) Off course it should be also perfectly isolated, to reduce heat loss to absolute minimums…. These heaterhoses been shaped very specific and over the years there was several model changes… we tried to bring back most of them and have listed all different models for your beetle and Karmann Ghia configurations….

1095-600 Heaterhose engine-chassis Beetle / KG -07/64 (50/50 x 356mm) L+R



1095-601 Heaterhose engine-chassis Beetle / KG -07/64 (Engine 08/64-)  (50/60 x 362mm) L+R



1095-602 Heaterhose engine-chassis Beetle / KG 08/64-07/67 (60/64 x 381mm) L+R



1095-603 Heaterhose engine-chassis Beetle / KG 08/67- (60/60 x 356mm) Left



1095-604 Heaterhose engine-chassis Beetle / KG 08/67- (60/60 x 432mm) Right



BIS badge


1412 Ring kit for rear brake drum BBT

This set of rings let mount You a 5 lug (5×205) brake drum onto a later stub axle or axle shaft so You can mount the nicer early wheels on a later car… we measured for You and made these rings as perfect what you need to fill the gaps between that 5 lug and 4 lug brake drum…  looks like a stupid set but we sold already thousands from it…



1293-9  Backing plate rear left Type2 08/70-07/79

Nothing beats a good functionality of the brakes as a new backing plate does….



1294-9  Backing plate rear right Type2 08/70-07/79



0891-461  Platform tray Bus left 08/71-07/79 Auto Craft