Product update

BBT production new parts information!! These products will be soon available!

In our aim to make every single metal parts for the split window bus we have following products in final test case and these will be available in a couple of months!! Start dreaming!

All parts are made from OIRIGINAL parts, mainly by reverse engineering, so these parts are 100% authentic to your original! Fit and size are 100% correct! We only go for the best. All these parts been pressed in big cast tooling on deep throat presses exactly like Volkswagen used to make it back in the day!

and last but not least, this is the real deal!! The complete inner front!!

Thought this was worth to share with you… so You see we work hard to bring you only the very best parts, as your bus deserves nothing less!

Friday Product Update

This week we like to introduce you our new seal for the real Type 3 lover … this Deluxe seal is a very high quality seal that is made with a groove to accept a deluxe window molding… it’s the only rubber to give your car back that factory look! If there’s enough demand for this one we would also love to bring back the side and rear window rubber with the groove…

7800-100 Front window seal Type 3 ’62-’74 – “De-Luxe”


After a long time of stock interuption we finally managed to get these seals back in stock, same German quality as before, we’re happy we can deliver them again!!

7042 Vertical sidewindowseal – Beetle convertible (2)

The BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update

Some very interesting new products this week to share with all of you!!

We offer now complete trailing arms for later 1303 “Super” beetles… in very good quality at unbeatable prices!

1334-060 Trailing arm front Left complete – 1303 08/73-

1334-070 Trailing arm front Right complete 1303 08/73-

Replace your broken or worn out speedo with this very nice reproduction, fuel gauge is not included, but we do offer separately…

2691-100 speedometer KM/H – all beetle 08/67-

When your split window bus has safari windows the choice of antenna’s is very limited, we now offer the antenna in exact the same model like Volkswagen did back in the day, this is as it should be… time to play that radio Franky!

0432-800 Antenna Safari – Bus -07/67 Chrome

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update

Already available for a while through our shop we decided we would offer these fine tow bars in our wholesale program from now on.

Don’t doubt about the quality as we deliver these tow bars with TUV approval, German necessary quality control label! This means that these tow bars are officially licensed and You can pass any automobile inspection in Europe and tow officially either behind you beetle or bus!

Get yours now!!

4850-100 Tow bar – Beetle, KG (with TUV Approval)


4850-210 Tow bar -Bus -07/67 (with TUV approval)


The BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend!