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Are you witstanding the Corona measures well? Are You still understand what your goverment wants from you?
Simply to say we don’t know anymore, so we better use our “common senses”.
With these common senses we like to present you this week’s new products for the  BBT product line for your aircooled Volkswagen.

Let’s go, and get that exhaust mounted as it should.

Besides our own BBT exhaust kits and clamps under  BBT #1000 for the kit and BBT #1001 for the tailpipe clamp.

We decided to bring back the German exhaust mounting kits and clamps.
Prooved quality and if we run out of one we still can supply the other one (that’s the idea at least)

Let’s call this a safe haven.

Meanwhile it’s your choice which one to use, to us they’re about the same in look, feel, smell and use…. It’s up to you, really…

1000-005 Exhaust assembly kit Type1 – German

1001-005 Exhaust gasket & bracket – German

BBT has a full range of exhaust mounting kits that you can find clicking HERE and exhaust clamps that can be found by clicking HERE

Let’s go more exotic. We bring you the rear parcel shelf for the Brazilian Kombi. Do You feel the Samba?

If you can not situate the parcel shelf it’s the steel floor on top of your engine, where you load your parcels when you open your tailgate.
Stamped on brand new tooling Made in Brazil.

Always dented, crushed and destroyed from loading things onto it that shouldn’t be loaded there. If not it’s hacked to work easier on engines, or it’s simply rusted out. The fact is we haven’t seen too many Brazlian kombi with good rear parcel shelves…

Can be easily modified to use in German made kombi as well.
A very economic alternative that really fits….

0890-933-1 Cargofloor rear – Bus Brasil -75

We have also the inspection hatch for the cargo floor above.

0890-933-2 Inspection hatch in cargofloor rear – Bus Brasil -75

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT


0484-200 Door hinge covers, chrome, as pair/top only – Bus -07/67

22,50 euro

1595-920 Starter automatic Type 25 07/81-07/92

360 euro

Meanwhile we’re working full force to convince suppliers and manufacturers to ship out our orders. Many factories around the globe are still closed or running only on limited sources. But we work hard to keep the zero stock to a minimum as absolutely possible. Our purchase team is outdoing themselves to try and get all in what we need, or what you need… that is better said!

We stay your reliable source for Volkswagen parts, also during Corona times, we learn to live with the virus and keep serving you with all measures to keep it as safe as possible.!

BBT News team wish you a very nice weekend… stay safe, keep distance and wash hands…. and wrench that Vintage Volkswagen….

BBT News

When another week passed by in a lockdown, one can easily mess up  a Friday for a Saturday, or a day for a night.
But things  like our NEWS on Friday give us the necessary deadlines to keep track…

How are you all? We really hope you’re doing well? Not too bored yet with all that’s closed or functioning with all kind of restrictions?
We try to help where we can and this week we add another couple of real goodies to our ever growing product line.

Exclusively for aircooled Volkswagens, exclusively for you!



Let’s start with the official introduction of the BBT front fenders for your oval window (1953-1959)…

We had a bunch of smaller “pre-productions” in and sold all before things got unpacked.
But now the beast is out! The production is running full force and deliveries have been scheduled on a monthly basis.

What started as a rough idea in 2008 became a real project in 2015 and is finished now in 2020….
Top notch quality deep draw stamped on real cast toolings in no less than 8 strikes (plus headlight bowls that is).

We use the correct metal thickness and pressed in the right radius. We made the correct “hump” next to the headlight bowl and a perfect “bump” near the running board. We also took a lot of care for the “flat’ on the returning edge. We have invested days and nights in the design of the headlight bowl and assembled the whole exactly as Volkswagen did back in the day with the headlight wire tube all in place.

Each fender is individually packed in its own proper box for maximum protection and easy shipping.

The launch of today is for oval window (1953-1959). The fenders for split window beetle (1949-1952) are previewed to arrive in July and will feature a different (or non) horn grill hole and their very specific headlight bowl.

0104-060 Fender front left 11/52-07/59 with horn grill TQ
0105-060 Fender front right 11/52-07/59 with horn grill TQ



This wheel stud is the same as our BBT  2584-400 en 2584-410, but in 60mm length. We just enlarged the family…:)

If you want to have different wheels on your Bay window or T25/T3/Vanagon these press studs are the perfect solution to get some more tread to mount the wheel nuts.
Even called press studs, the studs are easy removable and new ones easy to mount, You don’t need a press at all…:)

Sold each

2584-420 Wheelstud M14 X 60mm – Bus 08/70-07/92



Due to popular demand we add this cable connector due  mainly to connect our voltage regulators.

Our voltage regulators BBT 1951 en 1950-1   especially require such a wide connector, now you don’t have to search anymore, it can be easily ordered along.

8802-015 Cable connector yellow, flat 9.4×1.2mm





Woh after almost two years in absence we got the engine lids for your late Bay window back available!.

Made in Brazil to OE standards.

This is a real nice engine lid and will fit every late bay window flawlessly!

0157-50 Engine lid – Bus 07/75-07/79.


Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

2158-257 Oil breather fitting straight for ‘Classic Style’ IDF aircleaner – Vintage Speed

These breather fittings are real cool necessities for your Vintage speed IDF air cleaners.
Either available in 90°, 45° or straight style for the perfect fit for your engine breather lines.

12,15 euro

1603-31 Stock rods 1300/1600cc Original rebuild (4) 13/1600cc 08/59-

121,50 euro

Always happy we can launch our NEWS in time we’re happy you can read in time.

Stay safe, stay healthy,  stay cool , keep your distance and above all wash your hands!

The BBT News team wishes all of you a real nice relaxed and well deserved weekend, wrench that VW!

BBT News

So many days in lockdown.. are you still keeping up with it..?
Well here at BBT we continue to do our part in the community.

Every week we review the situation, adapt, adopt and align. We look at the things that go well and the situations we can improve.
We also try to keep things as much as what they were, create a routine and keep the momentum going.

We hope you’re doing well too, in order to feel better we introduce more parts this week, to make your cars better and more accurate…
Details matters, for the virus and for our cars that is….



First we have the plastic dummie screws to cover the holes for the seat belts in case your car does not carry seat belts.

From the mid sixties all Volkswagens came standard with all necessary mounting points for seat belts front and rear.
But not all countries required seat belts so Volkswagen covered them up with these plastic screws.

Now we have these brand new  in case you want to cover those holes up again and are universally used on all Volkswagen models of that era.

They come both in black or white, for you to choose from. Sold each.

0573-210 Seat belt plug 7/16″ black

0573-211 Seat belt plug 7/16″ white



Back in the eighties, when we still serviced bay window buses used as daily drivers, this rubber T-piece for the gas tank venting was already quite often in bad condition.

The rubber just didn’t hold up very well, gas fumes and engine heat finished it off!  Cracked, lost, dried out or difficult to put back in place, we remember it as if it were yesterday.

So we’re so proud we can bring you this little rubber T-piece brand new and in a better as original rubber quality.
This T-piece is for the late-model Bay window, 1971 and up. Sold each.

All other rubber connection pieces for your bay window bus can be found HERE

2147-540 T-piece gastank breather engine bay – Bus 08/71-07/77



Next we have another small part of plastic that finishes your emergency brake cables so nicely on IRS cars.
All aircooled Volkswagens with Indepent Rear Suspension used this little plastic clip to tuck the emergency brake cable nicely away.

Mainly worn out, cracked or simply missing we have the perfect alternative.
Sold each.

0926-000 Handbrakecable clip trailingarm ‘IRS’ – Beetle/KG, Type181, Type3, Bus 05/79-08/92



We bring you this little screw (believe me the picture doesn’t do justice, it’s small…:)) that holds the treasure chest  or engine lid hinges on your splittie bus  (Click here for BBT 0157-25 Hinges) 

These screws also hold your tailgate piano hinge up to 1963 (Click HERE for -63 Tailgates) 63-71 Bus tailgate guides (Click HERE for BBT 0438-120 & -125)  and many more. 

A screw that simply can’t miss in any VW toolbox!

8772-06-012 Countersunk cross head screw M6 x 12mm Din 965


And such we continue with our bi-weekly product of the week.
In this edition we bring our attention to some parts out of our T3 / type 25 assortment.

We kick off with a couple of our cylinder heads..

1721-840 – T3, also suitable for T2b – Type 4 2000cc

(please note, when ordering make sure you check the engine code to ensure you have the correct head)


For all other Type 4 cylinder heads CLICK HERE

1721-950 – T3 – Diesel ’81-‘85

1721-980 – T3 – Diesel ’86-‘92

Obviously we have a whole assortment of cylinder heads for your T3 / type 25.

CLICK HERE for all of our T25/ T3 watercooled cylinder heads.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with your BBT contact or email us at


Next in line are the diesel filters we have in our assortment.

Yes you read that correctly, BBT also stocks a huge assortment for the T3 / Type 25, even those equipped with a water-cooled or diesel engine.

1697-100 –  T3 – Diesel filter until 07/87


1697-155 – T3 – Diesel filter 08/87-04/88


1697-200 – T3 – Diesel filter 05/88-07/92


So far for this week.

If you’re searching for a particular part and you can’t find it in our webshop, just send us an email to with a description of what you’re looking for.

We usually have what you need and if not we can always get it for you.
In the meantime we at BBT hope you, your family and friends remain in good spirits – stay healthy and get those projects ready to enjoy as soon as we’re aloud out again.

BBT News

Corona is here to stay, and if you still know ignition points you might be in the high risk group and better stay home… two phrases that passed last week social media….
It might be through though, we will not be going back to normal ever.

The virus is here to stay and how much a world war changed the world, also this virus will have its share in global for ever lasting changes.
How big of a change will be, depends how long the virus will stay.

How long the virus (and measures) will  stay ,depends on us. Politicians and experts will take decisions on progress.
Progress is made with how we fulfill the measures.

In the end it’s simple, the better you  execute the governmental measures the less it will change and the “new normal” will be closer to the “old normal”…
But the old normal will never come back, we just turned a page of history 5 weeks ago….

Excited to be part of it, right?

We’re excited as well to present you our new “catch of the week”, or what’s new under BBT’s sun and what we put in the spotlight for you…


BBT stepped up and brings you the complete frame under your loading bed for your single cab splittie pick up truck.
Yep, that’s right, all complete and pre-assembled…

But we also supply  all parts separately to build your own and save on shipping costs…
Choices are yours, either complete and pre-assembled to get correct measures or as a kit to build yourselves…

We stock all panels to restore your single cab splittie to perfection! All of our Silver Weld Through metal is…

0890-597 Support frame under loadingbed Pick-up -07/67


We also extended  our line of engine lids for our beloved buses.

With this we reveal the 65-67 model, before unavailable on the markets we stepped up, tooled up and just made it!

Other engine lids for bus can be  found; Click Here

0157-440 Engine lid TQ Bus 08/65-07/67

We bundled all of our Silver Weld Through Sheet Metal into one handy PDF catalog…

Feel free to check it out on THIS LINK (just click)


Next we have the rear wheel bearing spacer for the big nut split window bus reduction box.
This spacer sits against your bearing and runs into the rear wheel oil seal.

Needless to say that after 50 or more service years most of them have been out of tolerances, totally worn and/or lived out.
To prevent oil leaks it’s  best  to replace these every time you change your wheel bearings.

Sold each.

1410-515 Bushing rear axle seal – Bus 08/63-07/67


Same time we decided to offer the rear wheel bearing spacer out of high quality rear wheel bearing gasket set  BBT # 1410-1 for your beloved late model beetle separately as well.

100% correct dimensions made in correct material. This is a product easy comparable with what Volkswagen used new in your car back in the day.

1410-510 Bushing rear axle seal – Beetle/KG, Bus -07/63, Type3, Type181





Product update!!

BBT 0636-050 is back!

These accessory switches are now Hella brand.
They all come individually with 3 different color lenses, for you to choose from.

All switches feature an idiot light for easy check if “on” or “off”
Perfect switch for fog lights, front or rear, driving lights and all other kind of accessories.

We even do them a little cheaper now!

0636-050 Hella on-off switch green, red or yellow

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
For some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT


135 euro

2906-206 for sliding roof Beetle



85,50 euro

for sliding roof

2908-151 non-perforated vinyl T3 61-65

That’s it it for this week, meanwhile we keep ourselves to governmental measures and we  can only advise  everybody to do the same.

Happy new Corona weekend to everybody!


BBT News

It seems that Corona times are here to stay for a while … time to change things that probably should have been changed a long time ago… this always reminds us what  curious creature a human being really is…

Well the good news is that the statistics of most countries are going down, or at least are stabilizing…. sad things are people still die every day which shouldn’t be so…

Here in Western Europe we now start discussing face masks , while very common on the streets in Asia, in Europe only this pandemy give us some face masks on the street… but now goverments start talking that we should wear them more… for most people it will be a big mental change…

The only conclusion is that you wont’ have to wear a facemask to protect yourself, but not to infect somebody else…. it will be a courtesy, nothing more nothing less….

Really I wonder how many people will “adapt” to the face masks now… weird stories….:)

Meanwhile you do not need a face mask to check our cool new products and our highlights this week…. enjoy “your” BBT News, we made it for you….:)


We add the little repair panels for the Bay window D posts, D posts are actually the posts along rear tail gate and engine lid.

D posts seem to rust and rot frequently down below. Partially we could write it off to the engineering, as a lot of dirt can be saved up there and can’t go anywhere. But also battery acid is frequently the “killer” of your lower D posts…

We have both models for early and for late Bay window bus, make sure to choose the right ones and make a complete and very nice repair with a minimum on cost.

Give your bus the original looks again, also at her D posts…


0891-042 D-post bottom repair (25cm) – Bus 08/67-07/71 Left



0891-043 D-post bottom repair (25cm) – Bus 08/67-07/71 right



0891-046 D-post bottom repair (15cm) – Bus 08/71-07/79 Left



0891-047 D-post bottom repair (15cm) – Bus 08/71-07/79 right



We add this last set of locks to our complete line up of complete handle and lock sets for your Bay window.
This set is for 1968 Baywindow bus only, with the one year only round push button door handle.

As all our high quality lock sets we made, all the lock cylinders fitted with one Key.
This set contains all the locks except for the ignition lock.

All lock sets for other Bay Windows you can find clicking HERE

0427-500 Lock set – Bus 08/67-07/68



This week we’re putting a spotlight on perhaps one of the sexiest cars ever made – the beloved Karmann Ghia..
Our attention goes to one of the little details often missing or looked over being the bumper bracket covers. With
any mild or serious restoration these covers will need replacing. Look no further because we’ve got you covered!
Below you’ll find 2 different types for the front – EU and US/Export (over rider) each in a right/left hand version.
As well as the rear covers, again each in a left & right hand version. Please note the rear only features one type.

0014-500 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 – Bumper bracket cover front Left


0014-501 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 – Bumper bracket cover front Right


0014-505 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 – Bumper bracket cover front Left (export USA)


0014-506 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 – Bumper bracket cover front Right (export USA)


0015-500 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 –  Bumper brackets cover rear left


0015-501 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 –  Bumper brackets cover rear right


When you’ve replaced your bracket covers we would also recommend replacing the rubber seal that offers protection for
the gap between the covers and the body. Without these rubber strips, chances are the bracket cover may damage the
paintwork. These are always sold as a pair.

0085-190 – Karmann Ghia -07/71 – Seal bumper bracket cover

The BBT News Team wishes you a relaxed weekend with nowhere to go unfortunately, but hey, check on that car in your garage, VW’s are always fun to tickle around, and if you need anything, just give us a call!