Friday Product Update

The first of our new line springs …. Valve cover springs for the early type VW engines 25 and 30 DIN HP (that’s 36  HP SAE for our American friends using SAE norms). We teamed up with a very reliable spring factory in Belgium to make springs in a good quality, (read; equal or better as NOS items we gave them as samples)

This clip is made in spring steel! Simply a perfect fit, feel and smell, exactly like we want it! stop oil leaks by worn or tired original and behave for cheap reproductions that will never give You satisfaction because they will always leaking!

Because we choose for powder coat finish the ends might go kind a though in the cilinder head holes at mounting but once mounted they fit like original and do their job impeccable!

Available now from our stocks

Other model valve cover springs will follow soon for all Type 1 engines

1768-250 Valve cover clip 25-30PK  / Black



The last heater cable for Bay window bus we didn’t carry yet!

We cover now all heater cables for Bay window buses! Another complete product line that we carry with proud!

All other heater cables can be found HERE

0931-170 Heater cable right – Bus 08/71-07/72 (Type1 engine) LHD – 4316mm


In our product line for complete handle and lock sets we just add the complete lock set for your 52-55 beetle! All with matching key! Absolutely top quality!

We feel this is a nice and serious add-on to our program and we’re sure this will be the perfect finish to any restoration for this year of cars.

All other lock sets we carry You can find HERE.

0426-530 Lock set Beetle 10/52-07/55


The BBT FPU team wish You all a very happy and enjoyable weekend, drive your VW’s in force!

Friday Product Update

We added this VDO Temp sensor to our range as it’s the perfect combo with our new adapter below and an oil pressure sender, because its shorter as our #2601 it don’t block the oil gallery in the adapter… for single use we still keep our BBT ref #2601 in our program. Comes with its washer.

2601-100 VDO oil temperature sensor with seal 180°C – 6-12volt – M13x1.5


This is the new adapter, carefully chosen for You… this adapter creates the perfect set up for your Oil temperature and pressure sensors on your VW Type 1 engines… as well as for many other applications… the hole for the temp sensor is larger to get a better feeling from the actual temperature, what’s an important improvement!

2600-100 Adapter for oil pressure and oil temperature sensor (M13x1.5)

This shims we added to our BBT program because we simply didn’t have 77mm diameter shims yet… this shims come between cylinder and engine case and are absolutely necessary to adjust your compression ratio. We got the shims in most common sizes…

3005-010 77,00mm cylinder shims .010 / set
3005-020 77,00mm cylinder shims .020 / set
3005-040 77,00mm cylinder shims .040 / set
3005-060 77,00mm cylinder shims .060 / set


Many cargo doors been dented and plied because of a too wide opening, this bracket in use with its correct strap prevent cargo doors for opening to wide, this is exactly like your splittie came from the factory!

0438-620 Door check strap bracket – Bus – 07/67


This rubber seals can be found between your car body and the wiper axle pivot on almost all Volkswagens made between 1958 and 1969 model year. Exactly like original ensures a perfect fit!

2424 Grommet wipershaft – Beetle 08/57-07/69, Bus 02/55-07/67

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update… 1967-1973 Beetle Rear valance in absolute TOP QUALITY!

YES!!! after three years of development we’re extreme proud our perfect fit Rear valance is ready and arrived!!! 

We’re so proud we made it the only product on our Friday Product update today!!! 

Be aware for fake, believe us we tried all and everything, NOTHING on the market fits, and nothing on the market comes close to ours… check for the silver weld through primer, its ours! 

0136-104 Rear valance Beetle 08/67-07/74
OEM number: 111 813 301K

Main problems with the Brazilian reproductions is the outcut for the tailpipes, it’s simply too low… besides that also teh strip for the engine compartment seal is lower and some other details… not with ours! Ours is 100% as OE made and copied from three absolutely NOS rear valences, NO COMPROMISE!!!


Proud on this new BBT baby!!! Thanks to all and everybody that helped to make this happen! 

We wish you all a very nice and relax weekend, with sweet dreams… about our new little baby! 

Friday Product Update


Finally the days are over for inferior quality indicator switches for late-model beetles!! We’re so happy we can offer now the equivalent of an original SWF switch! This switch is a s good as original and will serve You all day long!

0667-100 Indicator switch -Beetle 1300, 1302/03 8/71-, 1200 08/75-12/80 TQ


We also added the wiper switch for your late bay window to our program, when are used parts dried up it was time to find the reproduction, seems ok quality and is fully functioning, what is why we change a broken part in the first place, right?  Get that wipers back to work!

2446-015 Wiper switch – Bus 08/74-07/79


All spindles are slightly different and all fits a very specific spindle washer! This washer keeps your bearings in place like it should, and same time adjust the play on your front wheel bearings, (together with the nuts  so to speak) so a good spindle washer is mandatory. This is our last addition to our spindle washer line, and we think we have the whole range covered now!

1360-200 Spindle washer – Bus -07/63

All other spindle washers can be found HERE and HERE

Old VW wheels might have different sizes for the hole of your valve stems… we have the different sizes available now! Measure before ordering!

2590-200 Tirevalve diameter 15.2mm


2590-210 Tirevalve diameter 11.5mm


Standard beetle lovers, we’ve got You covered (again) !!

This brake cable for Cable brakes (NOT Hydraulic!!) will fit all VW’s that came with cable brakes, including Kubelwagens, KDF beetles and all post war Volkswagens that came from the factory with cable brakes. for a long time unavailable, we brought them back in a real good quality and even better, they’re proudly Made in Germany!

0925-01 Rear brake cable – Beetle -4/62 standard, Typ82 (TQ)


The front cable You can find HERE

BBT’s FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update

Vintage speed released this Classic quick shifter, perfect shifter for any old speed bus! Lots of detail, and made with big eye for correctness and functioning. This shifter will shift your pride through modern traffic without any trouble!

0511-540 Classic quick shifter – Bus 68-79 (Stainless Steel) – Vintage Speed


Type 4 engines suffers a lot from broken exhaust studs. being two different sizes on one stud it’s not a common replacement part You can find easily, therefor we teamed up and have these studs readily availble from our stocks now, made in high quality this is the stud that will replace your stock stud and bring your cilinder head back into a healthy perfect condition where You can mount your exhaust without fit as it should.

1075-100 Stud exhaust M8/M9 Type4 engine

In our range of blank keys we added the N key blank for the T25/T3 vanagon buses. Now readily available from our stocks.

0654-30 Key blank N – Bus 05/79-07/91


Locks worn out a lot and good used replacement parts become scarce, therefor we bring You now the rear cargo lock catch for your 71-79 baywindow bus, readily available from our stocks… prevents your cargo from falling out down the road!

0438-115 Rear cargo lock catch – Bus 08/71-07/79


This boot enlarges the life time of your shifter shaft for a long time keeping water, dust or mud out and make sure everything is protected well from the elements. This shift shaft boot fits all T25/T3 Vanagons build between 79 up to the 1985 model. Arrived back in our stocks after a longer period of unavailability.

1404-150 Shift shaft boot T25 05/79-07/85


Back in stock! The wiper blades for your 65-67 splittie.

Ensure your visibility during rain to keep your views clear on the road!

2409-100 Wiperblades Type 2 08/64-08/67 Silver (pair) BBT


Did you know we selling this spring that make sure your brake pedal is coming back upright after pushing it in? This spring saw many times the best of its life after years of service, replace yours now with our fine replacement! Fit all of the bay windows.

0276-220 Brake pedal return spring Type 2 08/67-07/79


This window sash replace your stock, worn or rusted out window lifter in all T25/T3/Vanagons, we have these readily available fo you from our stocks.

0362-550 Window lifter T25 05/79-08/92

The BBT FPU team wish you a very nice weekend! Place your orders on time for a speedy delivery!