Friday Product Update

Hope your Thanksgiving turkey is all digested by now and You all had a great day with the family yesterday… Thanksgiving is a big thing in the USA!

No american travel adventures from Bob today, but our weekly Friday Product Update, with again some very interesting parts news!

We had the economy version of this fuel sender longer time in our program under our BBT ref 0493-7 but most customers wanted a better quality as the cheap one was not as good as it looked… problem is inside,  a very thin wire that holds the float needs almost nothing to break… that problem is finished now with the top quality, easily comparable with OEM! BBT cares about quality parts as nobody else!

In stock now and ready for delivery!

0493-705 Fuel sender TQ – Bus 02/55-07/67, KG 8/60-7/61 & 8/66-

The following products came finally back in stock after longer time being unavailable…


4870-121 Rear luggage rack KG (chrome) BBT



0664-100 Headlight Vintage grills Type1/Type2 -67 (pair)

BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update

This is the best center side panel for your bay window on the market today! Real well pressed with right corners and correct profiles all around… fits like original and gives a perfect finish! This is exactly like original!!

0891-310 Centre sidepanel left 30cm – Bus 08/67-07/79


The Volkswagen type 3 family (Notchback, Fastback, Squareback and Type 34 Karmann Ghia) use a different type of Brake caliper from 1971 on. Up to 1971 the brake caliper used is the same as for the Vw beetle and Karmann Ghia BBT ref 1248 but in the model year 1971 they introduced a new type of brake caliper that’s real hard to get. Sometimes we’re able to score a couple of NOS ones, but that’s rather far and between… so we teamed up and made this state of the art quality rebuild kit for those brake calipers… most of the existing brake calipers can be rebuilt with our new kit. Happy to have found You a good solution!

1246-400 Repairkit brakecaliper – Type 3 08/71-

This week we also added new bulbholders for your headlights. These headlight bulb holders will fit every headlight with regular Duplo headlight bulbs (sorry no Halogen/H4). This is the later model in plastic, but is perfectly interchangeable with the earlier metal model, will fit all headlights for You Volkswagen!! So easy one model fits all…:)

0613-110 Headlight bulb holder


After quiet some time of zero stocks we could welcome these two bestsellers back in our shelves! Readily available for delivery, place your orders now!

1404-100 Shift rod boot, each / Bus 08/57-07/79


8061 Plate for floor pan bolt

Improved quality!!

Our rubbers between headlight and fender for beetles and buses up to 1967 been changed from manufacturer. Because of our old quality cracked all the times at the weld, we changed that and produce them now one piece! No weld, so no place to crack!! This is Top Quality Made in Germany!! We, @ BBT, only go for the best, here’s another proof…

This product now is good for our own cars, hopefully good for yours too! If any problems should arise, we kindly ask to inform us asap! Thank you!

0609-1 Rubber between wing and headlight, as pair / 08/67-

BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend! enjoy beautiful fall weather!

Friday Product Update; New cab floors arrived! LHD and RHD!! And the rear part for your splittie roof as well!

This week BBT was busting!  We received our ship load of sheetmetal, in between was our new cab floors… another work of quality, perfect fit well-tested and at least as high quality as original NOS parts… these floors are just another step in our total bus sheetmetal development! More panels to come….soon!

These floors been made on patterns of BBT buses… and fitted on BBT buses, Your sign for quality!

Available for Left and Right hand drive from our stocks, order yours now!

Your new floor awaits on our shelves!

0890-134-0 Front floor pan – Bus 03/55-07/58 LHD


0890-135-0 Front floor pan – Bus 08/58-07/67 LHD

Check our quality and finishing, incomparable with all the “repair” panels on the market, we, at BBT, are not developing “repair” panels, but we produce only “RESTORATION PANELS”, different philosophy for a better product!

No cheap half solutions, but deep going quality for perfect results… buy your parts from people who love and care Vintage Volkswagens at least as much as you do!



0890-135-1 Front floor pan – Bus 08/58-07/67 RHD

Besides the cab floors we also had the rear end of our Splitwindow bus roof separately pressed, packed and shipped! When only the rear end of your roof is damaged no need to replace completely! Ready available from our stocks!!!

0890-830 Roof repair panel rear – Bus 03/55-07/67

We also like to remind You that all of our sheetmetal comes in WELD THROUGH PRIMER! Perfectly coated, perfect for storage and transport and no need to grind down when You weld this, Strong, easy and fast!! BBT thinks about you!

BBT FPU team wish you all a wonderful weekend with sweet dreams of your new cab floors!

Friday Product Update

This week we like to introduce you our new seal for the real Type 3 lover … this Deluxe seal is a very high quality seal that is made with a groove to accept a deluxe window molding… it’s the only rubber to give your car back that factory look! If there’s enough demand for this one we would also love to bring back the side and rear window rubber with the groove…

7800-100 Front window seal Type 3 ’62-’74 – “De-Luxe”


After a long time of stock interuption we finally managed to get these seals back in stock, same German quality as before, we’re happy we can deliver them again!!

7042 Vertical sidewindowseal – Beetle convertible (2)

The BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend!