Friday Product Update

Already available for a while through our shop we decided we would offer these fine tow bars in our wholesale program from now on.

Don’t doubt about the quality as we deliver these tow bars with TUV approval, German necessary quality control label! This means that these tow bars are officially licensed and You can pass any automobile inspection in Europe and tow officially either behind you beetle or bus!

Get yours now!!

4850-100 Tow bar – Beetle, KG (with TUV Approval)


4850-210 Tow bar -Bus -07/67 (with TUV approval)


The BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend!

Friday Product Update

This week we add several new items for your bus, especially for a type 4 engine, but also some “regular” bus necessities…

Let’s start with stuff almost any bus with type 4 engine needs, a brand new plastic mesh fan guard. Almost always broken or missing, it’s pretty important to keep big stuff out of our cooling system! Brand new and good quality available now, we have them ready for delivery

1909-250 Fan guard Type4


And even more important and especially practical is the timing scale for your Type 4 engine, perfect for the ignition timing, perfect for valve adjustment perfect for many things, a scale is always correct and can only help you. replace your missing and or broken scale now….

1909-260 Timing scale Type4


Poor idle? Bad cold start? Or just too high consumption? This elbow and T-piece are little naughty bastards that can cause you a lot of problems. with age they dare to crack and will give You a real bad behaviour…. we teamed up and can supply these now brand new!  Should be also a standard replacement at every engine rebuild!  Get yours now and save yourself a LOT of trouble….

2147-510 Vacuum elbow 90° Inlet manifold – Type4

2147-520 Vacuum T-piece Inlet manifold – Type4


Poor Hi and Low beams? These H5 headlight bulbs fit right in your regular bulb headlight fitting and is Halogen that gives You exactly the same light strength as a H4! That’s exactly the reason they call these H5 bulbs fake halogen bulbs… but in fact they aren’t fake, they’re real Halogen with a fake fitting…:)

Bright your nights, BBT show you the lights!

0661-27 Bulb H5 12Volt 60/55W (1)



No engine compartment is finished without these caps on your generator, they look so nice once fitted, and they always were original installed! the perfect finishing touch and the perfect protection for your generator connections, assures You a long generator life!

1960-500 Rubber boot for generator cable for connection D+ and DF 12Volt



The BBT Friday Product team wish You all a wonderfull weekend with loads of (VW) pleasure!

Friday Product Update

This week we made a couple of BBT shop part numbers to general BBT part nrs, so everybody can buy  now through the total BBT network, fancy for VDO? Order yours now at your local VW dealer!

VDO don’t need any explanation I guess, we use these gauges already 35 years in our own cars…

2600-200 VDO Oilpressure contact 5 bar (double)
2600-210 VDO Oilpressure contact 10 bar (double)


2600-500 VDO Oilpressure gauge, “COCKPIT VISION” 5 bar (52 mm)


2601-500 VDO Oiltemperature gauge, “COCKPIT VISION” 50°-150° (52 mm)


2601-200 VDO Oil dip stick with temperature sensor

Friday Product Update

With so many imports from the USA there’s a lot of Bay windows with fuel injection came to the old continent last couple of years… we try to keep up and do work on a program for Fuel injection parts, with this exhaust already as a result. Bolt on application to replace original muffler and way cheaper as an original exhaust as well… the economy solution for the fuel injection driver…

1016-000 Exhaust ‘Single Quiet Pack’ Type 4 engine (Injection)



This pin is mandatory if You want to keep the paint of the cargo doors from your split window bus nice, and prevent these doors from dents or damage.

Together with the door check strap BBT ref 0438-600 (-60) or 0438-610 (61-67) and the door check strap bracket BBT ref 0438-620 this pin prevents the cargo doors for opening over 90°. but when properly installed this pin can be taken out by hand for opening the door further for “wide loads” or where space not allows …. a super nice combo we have all complete now, make sure to get yours!

0438-630 Door check strap pin – Bus -07/67


After we destroyed our stocks because of quality issues from previous Chinese inferior product, we went out and looked everywhere to find a good replacement oil pressure switch. And as the saying goes “Look and Ya shall find” we found these… the best on the market, no compromise!

Made in Germany! With correct reciever for your wire protector rubber booth (our BBT ref 1818 )…

We extensively tested these senders on our own cars… yes, this is the one we use on our own cars! For us its equal to NOS.

We’re very happy we can offer these now to our customers for trouble-free use and accurate warning!

First stocks are in our shelves readily available, place your order now….

1817 Stock style oil pressure sender



Steering dampers for aircooled Volkswagens is pretty important, VW didn’t mount them themselves not for nothing since 1960 on all of their models.

Without going to far in technical details, the need for a steering damper in a Volkswagen has everything to see with the weight balance off course, engine and transmission in the back the engine even behind the front axle means the car will be always get a “front lift” effect when engine is on power…

The type 3 models aren’t any different as the rest of the VW crowd, but the model of steering damper is not exactly the same. Off course being a somewhat more rare car the manufacturers are not to keen to produce these steering dampers all the time and mainly do a run every two or three years… or less, but now they’re back… and we hope we have enough in stock till next production run.

1310 Steering damper Type3

Also all other steering dampers are available at very competitive prices

1312 Steering damper 1200/1300
1313 Steering damper 1302/1303
1316 Steering damper Type2 55-79

The BBT FPU team wish you a refreshing weekend! Enjoy, relax and stay cool!

Friday Product Update

Finally we managed to get these in our product range, the dual relay for your late model US imports with original fuel injection…especially with the Beetle convertible they get bad when the roof isn’t watertight anymore… now available, original Bosch, straight from our stocks! Nothing beats new!

0683-000 Relay for Fuel injection engine 11 pin – Beetle 08/75-07/79 & Bus 08/75-07/83

This plate make You can mount and secure your battery on your 1967 and later beetles the way its build and secured in the factory…100 % original specs…. loose batteries can cause a lot of trouble, fire, or even explosion, you do not have an excuse anymore for that loose battery now we made You the clamp available!

0875-200 Battery retaining clamp Beetle 08/67-

It’s there!! Long expected!!! The 12volt Fuel gauge for your splittie bus!!! yiha! Finally correct reading! Perfect replacement part for your broken original, or 100% necessary for an older 6 volt bus to 12 volt conversion. Exactly like original!

2655-110 Fuel gauge 12V – Bus 08/55-07/67



The BBT FPU team wish you a very happy weekend!