Oldtimer festival in Weelde (BE) was a great weekend for tractor and machines from long time gone….

No clue how many but hundreds, several hundreds if not a thousand tractors signed present for the 29th oldtimer festival on the airfield of Weelde, one of Belgium’s most Northern towns, pretty close to the Dutch borders…

Besides tractors there was also any other old machinery and period  old authentic caravans who create a special atmosphere. No less than 50 are present. Also check out the interior. Handmade woodcarving and carved windows turn some of them into real gems.

Further there we’re old trucks, army trucks, stationary engines, motorcycles, even some display of chain saws!

I will try to give You an impression below, but i must admit, we had a wonderful day yesterday….

We go real deep to test our parts… literally

BBT Pascal exercise his Bugster (European version of a Baja bug) very often and every time he get the change for it. Besides this bug been build with all BBT parts many moons ago, Pascal also test regular BBT parts to extremes… and yes, sometimes he goes very deep to test our parts… as seen here on the last European Bug In off-road track….

Pascal say Hi to all of You!!!