Oval and splitwindow day, small report…

Yesterday we enjoyed a very traditional classic Volkswagen show in Holland… it was cool as always and weather was marvelous, till it overcast and start raining late afternoon… that was the bell to go home…:)

Splits, in all colors and versions… If You like splits, this was heaven!!

2018-05-27 12.56.42_resized

Cool cat of the show and yours truly favourite was this maintained but unrestored March 1949 split… 1 family owner! This baby drew attention all day long!

2018-05-27 12.56.23_resized

2 Kubelwagens attented as well…

2018-05-27 12.58.30_resized

Who told You an Enzmann is an extremely rare car??? They had 3 on display!

2018-05-27 12.58.34_resized

And a cool Tempo Matador too

2018-05-27 12.58.43_resized

More coachbuilds…

2018-05-27 12.59.19_resized

Cool and rare Beutler… Made in Suisse….

2018-05-27 12.59.23_resized

BBT’s Denzel came out (that was long ago) and two crazy cool Dannenhauer & Stauss…

2018-05-27 12.59.40_resized

Or, if you preferred, Frankie brought a real rare Devin!

2018-05-27 13.00.30_resized

And to close the line of the coachbuild beauties we spotted these trio of Denzel ‘Beeskow “banana’s”…

2018-05-27 13.00.57_resized2018-05-27 13.02.09_resized

Next row was Hebmullers… no less than 4 on display….

2018-05-27 13.00.37_resized

And the BBT 52 convertible was the only Pre53 Karmann Convertible…

2018-05-27 13.01.14_resized

Belgian Godfather of VW collector Jacques Mertens celebrated his 70th Birthday at the show…. and the organisers recognised it fully making this life time big wall frame for Jacques…

After 53 years into Volkswagen Jacques is still an avid enthusiast with 2 1948 splits and a super rare Porsche 356 Gmund SL!

Happy birthday Jacques, and thanks for the time to take a picture with us before your wall frame!!

2018-05-27 12.35.57_resized

also the oval and square window row was almost endless… so many cars!

2018-05-27 13.02.37_resized

What a show, we attend every year, and it only get’s better… not for party or beer, just to enjoy, lay back and talk splits… it’s not BIG, it’s not Small, it’s the size it has to be to be a good one… we love it and next year is already bookmarked in our agenda’s…

Out of the old box… a couple of shows we attendet in the previous century!

Yes we drive to VW shows for a while now!! last century, even before Europe was united we drove all over the place to visit certain shows… I don’t recall the years anymore but here’s a few show pictures from an era long time gone…

With my Black 53 ragtop  at a show in Cecina Mare Italy, looooong time ago!!

2018-03-08 17.18.09_resized

wowh, I used to have long hair… with the limo bus in Zemst Belgium…

2018-03-08 17.18.38_resized

Even longer ago, in Antwerp, very small show, but we brought out a real cool oval window ragtop we imported from California back then! Half on the trailer was a cool green split window….

2018-03-08 18.05.40_resized

Same oval was showed off at the Antwerp Classic salon… I still had hair, and Gunter had hair too!…

2018-03-08 18.07.36_resized

With my beige perfect restored split at le Bug show on the race track of Spa Francorchamps… that car was close to perfect… I sold it over 15 years ago maybe even 20 years ago to Japan…

2018-03-08 18.06.34_resized

With a bunch of friends and the BBT Limo to the south of France, Super VW nationals in Lege Cap Ferret!

2018-03-08 17.17.07_resized

and finally with my trusty worker from back then Dave at a small VW event in hometown Antwerp, at the docks of the port long before they made  Antwerp a low emission zone….

2018-03-08 17.17.47_resized

Nice to see old pictures… always good memories!!

Oval and splitwindow day tomorrow, will we see each other??

Tomorrow we will attend Oval and splitwindow day in Wilnis Holland, supper cool event with pure cars and layback lifestyle!!

We will be there with several cars, time to get your old lady out of the garage and join! We leave at BBT at 08.30hr sharp!


See you there!!


The Ben Pon Barndoor meeting was a hit!!

One of the best shows we’re attended recently… it was nice to see that most visitors came here to see cars and chat Volkswagen language, not only for party and beer!

2018-05-19 16.53.15_resized

We left BBT HQ with about 25 cars saturday morning

2018-05-19 09.06.26_resized

Over 100 Barndoor buses (that’s buses build prior to april 1955) gathered in the city of Amersfoort, on the old rail way station where Ben Pon embarked the first Volkswagen he bought in Germany in the late forties!

2018-05-19 14.28.06_resized

You really could pick your color… but the most famous bus must be this one, restored 33 years ago by Heinz Willi Lottermann, the founder of the Bad Camberg Vintage Volkswagen shows.

2018-05-19 14.28.15_resized

Further more there was about barndoors in ANY condition… nice restored or cool patina, choices where yours!

2018-05-19 14.28.19_resized2018-05-19 15.05.00_resized

This barn(door) had a lot of horse(power) under the roof….:)

2018-05-19 14.50.35_resized

We like them so much!

2018-05-19 14.50.20_resized2018-05-19 14.50.15_resized2018-05-19 14.34.39_resized

We showed of the oldest known Belgian delivered Bus (build 08 jan 1951)

2018-05-19 15.04.47_resized

David still likes Coca Cola!!

2018-05-19 15.09.48_resized

Amazing story behind this bus, if you see the pictures of how they found it You would not believe this result!

2018-05-19 15.05.40_resized

The amazing cool Greek 23 window, I love the signwriting!

2018-05-19 15.05.35_resized2018-05-19 15.05.17_resized

Lots of old friends everywhere… good to see You Filip!

2018-05-19 15.09.54_resized

And more cool vintage VW steel!

2018-05-19 15.16.28_resized

Also our 54 was present with “BOBBYCAR” on the roofrack!

2018-05-19 17.03.14_resized

Fre and friends of “The Range” swapped all weekend long!

2018-05-19 16.46.41_resized

Nice display of Tempo Matadors!! Where ever did You see three in a row???

2018-05-19 15.38.48_resized

David and Goliath!!

2018-05-19 15.35.24_resized

Ruud showed off “HIS” hebmuller! cool color combo!

2018-05-19 14.08.22_resized

Kubelwagens, or whatever, everything was there to be seen!!

2018-05-19 14.08.12_resized

Not only barndoors, also many cool later buses… Dieter brought out its ubercool Flandria Pick up!

2018-05-19 14.07.08_resized

or what about this crazy cool double cab with full length roofrack?

2018-05-19 14.07.00_resized

Saturday went by way to fast… and before I knew I was taking pictures on Sunday morning… Dawn was beautiful!

2018-05-20 07.17.22_resized

The BBT camp early morning….

2018-05-20 07.18.59_resized

Everybody woke up… Edwin “the Seppe” peeped out of his T5 star hotel

2018-05-20 07.19.38_resized

The buses from the swamps!! Absolutely my two favourites of the entire weekend!! Florian and Pierre, you guys did a crazy job!! Congratulations!

2018-05-20 07.20.03_resized

Always and everywhere… always good to see Stefan’s lowered High roof, You know it’s a good spot!

2018-05-20 07.24.17_resized

The early morning only showed barndoors that slept in the barndoor lot…:) in an hour from now the place was packed again… also Sunday there was over 100 barndoors on display!

2018-05-20 07.54.21_resized

Sunday morning around 11.000 o clock I was asked to give a demonstration with the BBT Schwimmwagen, time to take some friends in the water…

Here with Maurice and Angel

2018-05-20 11.32.13_resized

Or with Niels and family!!

2018-05-20 11.39.08_resized

Paul Wisk brought out his schwimmer as well so we both took people…. here with BBT Pascal,  Annelies and Steven in mine,  and David and Bart aboard of Paul’s,

2018-05-20 12.00.08_resized

There’s only one more thing more fun as a schwimmwagen…. that’s two schwimmwagens…:)

2018-05-20 12.02.29_resized

Time to say bye to Xavi and Massimo and Pinnochio crew from Spain… they faced a long road back… safe travels buddies!

2018-05-20 13.11.02_resized

David and Dirk did the grill all weekend long… wowh, we’ve been pampered! Thanks guys…

2018-05-20 13.39.12_resized

Good food draws full tables… the BBT camp was a home base for many!…

2018-05-20 13.53.14_resized

what a show… and next week we go to the Dutch split window day… tell me why i like the month of may so much!

Special visit!

On their way to the Ben Pon show Xavi, Massimo and friends came by BBT to say hi and a visit to BBT’s Volkswagen paradise!

All the way from Barcelona, they got stuck in belgium rush hour with 5 buses!

2018-05-17 19.39.42_resized

Proud Bus travellers!

2018-05-17 18.51.20_resized

They enjoyed strolling through the BBT shelves a lot!!

2018-05-17 19.54.10_resized

They even visit the “hidden Caves” of BBT NOS dept!

2018-05-17 20.22.04_resized

See You all this weekend in Amersfoort on the Ben Pon show!!